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ground Exploration is the whole game. Post-update updates are dedicated to getting fans to roam the wonderful backyard. And because your character is so small, there are plenty of things to do and places to see. One of these places is the toad swamp, which is important for completion rates. Happy robot if you want to make BURG.L, you need to set this mission marker! Thankfully, it’s very easy if you know where to go.

Where to find the location of the grounded Toad Swamp

To reach the toad swamp, you need to go to the central east of the map, to the right of the large tree branches and shovel. Before searching for a toad swamp location, it’s a good idea to get that mission first. BURG.L randomly offers daily missions in this area.You can go to that place in advance, but it will be a pretty distant trek to make it all A road that crosses the backyard for no reason.

Once you have the mission, go to the area above to create a trail marker. This marker requires 1 clover leaf, 2 plant fibers, and 2 twigs. It may sound tricky, but there should be some things around the Rash that can be collected if there is a shortage of twigs or fibers. Once you’ve planted a marker on your Battletoads figure, you’re ready to go.

This area is not very dangerous, but make sure you are ready to fight these spiders as much as possible. Bring some good gear to keep things safe. There is no reason to risk death when you are quite far from everything else!

The toad swamp location is one of the easiest beacons in the game (good). All you need to do is look for a cartoon frog buried near a puddle. It’s a better league than some other location quests!

Grounded Toad Swamp Location | Where to Find

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