GTA 5 Online: Cayo Perico Robbery is live, and here’s everything you need to know

The latest giant update to Grand Theft Auto V Online, the Cayo Perico Robbery, is here. The main addition is a new robber named for the update, but this is not the only addition currently available in Rockstar’s online games.

In a press release, Rockstar Games founder Sam Houser said, “We’ll bring everyone together to party and dance in the safest way, while giving players the opportunity to challenge the biggest and best Heist ever.” It states. Hauser says his goal was to get everyone to do something fun after the 2020 challenge. “This year was a difficult and rewarding year. I wanted to make something that everyone could enjoy. I’m really excited. I play.”

Cayo Perico Heist adds a new space for exploration, allowing you to explore new islands with your friends. You can also access the new nightclub Music Box. This music box contains DJ sets such as Moodymann, Kane Musik and Palm Strax.

The robbers themselves have seen players invade Cayo Perico’s private island and steal treasure from El Rubio beyond the Madrazo criminal family. Along the way, you need to get some crime files, buy a submarine, shoot sights around the island, hack security systems and take a simpler approach.

The robbery is designed with multiple potential approaches, such as the previous Diamond Casino robbery. You can prepare and plan how to work in advance. This time, you can go solo if you want. This is the first GTA online robbery allowed to complete without a team and can be difficult, but there are options if it appeals to you.

This new space will also add new radio stations and new music for existing stations. One of the new radio stations, Still Slippering Los Santos, also gives us a mission to complete. To boost the station’s signal, you need to find towers throughout the island.

New weapons, items and clothing have also been added. You can use the new submarine sonar to find 10 hidden caches per day, collect cash and RP from each, and give them a reason to stay logged in every day. Clothing options are also expanding, including designs for fashion labels Civilist and MISBHV.

The vehicles and weapons available in this update are:

New vehicle

  • Sparrow helicopter
  • Kraken Avisa Submersible
  • Pegassi Toreador
  • Anihilator (Stealth)
  • RO-86 Arconost
  • Kurtz31 patrol boat
  • Shih Tzu Long Fin
  • Vapid Winky

New weapon:

  • Military rifle
  • Combat shotgun
  • Perico pistol

For PS4 players, this update is also a good reason to log in and claim a GTA $ 1 million reward for December. All PlayStation Plus members on PS4 will log in every month until GTA 5 is released on PS5. The game will also appear on the Xbox Series X / S.

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