GTA Online: Cayo Perico Heist | How to Start a Robbery and Find a Music Locker

The· Cayo Perico Heist Was added to GTA online, And for the first time, you can start it all with your loneliness. This time you don’t need friends or untrustworthy online strangers. However, the latest robbers are set up on a private island off the land of GTA Online, so you’ll need to put your hands in your pocket to meet some criteria before you start planning.

This guide will show you where to find in-game quest givers to start this new expansion and how to buy the goods and services you need to get things started.

GTA Online – How to Start a Cayo Perico Heist Quest Line in Music Locker

After downloading the latest updates, the first thing you need to do when loading GTA Online Head to Diamond Casino & Resort in East Vinewood, Los Santos.. It is marked with a diamond on the map so you can easily find it.Once you get there, you need to Buy a penthouse suite above the casino..

This costs a minimum of $ 1.5 million in GTA, but it should be free if you have Twitch Prime and are connected to your Rockstar Games Social Club account.The reason you need a penthouse is because it gives you access VIP nightclub called Music Locker in the basement of Diamond Casino & Resort..

Once you have a penthouse, take the elevator inside to the private booth past the dance floor.Meet here Miguel Madrazo, Son of Martin Madrazo, familiar with other GTAV missions.

Miguel fills you with a plan — you’re going to rob a private island controlled by a drug dealer called Elrubio. But first, you need a submarine!

GTA Online – How to Find Kosatka in Cayo Perico Heist

After finishing the cutscene with Miguel, you’ll need to spend $ 2,200,000 GTA on the Kosatka submarine to establish an offshore base. You can find it by opening the phone, tapping the internet app and clicking Warstock Cache and Carry.

When you enter there, you will find Kosatoka at the top. It can be customized for porting to weapons workshops, moon pools, or guided missiles, but it can be very expensive quickly.

When you purchase Kosatoka, it will be displayed on the map indicated by the submarine icon. In my case it was just off the coast near the Diamond Casino & Resort where I talked to Miguel.

You can use the service menu to send a dinghy to your location so that you can reach the submarine, but it is possible with any type of airship. If you purchased an upgrade to the Sparrow Moon Pool, you can land directly above it and use a special entrance.

If not, you can use a dinghy or physically land on a submarine. When you get there, jump down and approach the valve, urging you to enter Kosatoka. Get a cutscene with your comrade Pavel, who controls the ship.

GTA Online-How to Start a Cayo Perico Robbery Mission

Once that’s done, you can sit at the radar station if you need to change your location. This isn’t very important for now, but it’s useful later when you need to move around the map for a preparatory mission.

Second, if you want to actually start Cayo Perico Heist, you need to register as the owner or CEO of a motorcycle club. Both professions require the purchase of a separate building, an executive office or a motorcycle club. This will cost millions of GTA dollars, depending on the size of the building you purchase from the Dynasty 8 property list.

Now for one of the controllers[戻る]Hold down the button to display the in-game menu and[モーターサイクルクラブ]Or[Securoserv]Select a tab. From there, you can register as MC owner or CEO, activate the table in the center of the submarine (marked as H on the minimap), and finally start the robbery itself. If you follow all the steps, it should turn golden and go into a hole of about $ 5-6 million GTA …

For more information on what’s new in GTA Online, see All New Vehicles Dropped in Cayo Perico Heist.

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GTA Online: The Cayo Perico Heist | How to start the heist and find The Music Locker

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