GTA Online has added a new island for new robbers

A brand new Caribbean island has arrived at GTA Online, and today the Cayo Perico Heist is launched, inviting you to completely wash away the drug trafficking organization El Rubio. Yes, sadly, his party island is for robbers only and is not a place you can always visit. But it’s an intriguing robber, who can actually complete a solo only once. And we get our submarines. Also, Dr. Dre will pop up for about 30 seconds.

Cayo Perico Heist will be held on a private island in the Caribbean. The drug trafficking organization thinks he is very fun and not scary. Sent to retrieve sensitive data, but never leave. Some people wanted rock stars to take everyone to the island for regular open-world antiques, but no, we can only go for robbery. .. I didn’t expect it to be part of free roaming, but well, I didn’t mind it as a surprise.

There are many cutscenes in this. When the update hit this morning, I jacked in to check the setup. so! We work with Martin’s sons Miguel Madrazo (we’ve worked a lot) and Patricia (Treber fell in love). He’s the hip and cool face of organized crime 2.0, a kind of git that talks about hydration and brand diversification. No, really, he tells his mother to “hydrate.”

To get his data from El Rubio, we go to Cayo Perico Island. You’ll need a submarine because Rockstar can’t add new crimes without buying something expensive. It cost $ 2.2 million and it just wiped me out. A submarine is a small base in itself, but you can actually drive it. It’s not fast, but it’s mobile. There are also torpedoes. And with a sonar upgrade, you can wander around the ocean looking for a suitcase with XP and cash sunk (what I found included only $ 7,500). But why do you really need a submarine? Cos It will be our criminal basis for robbery with the help of this companion:

You don’t get there with a submarine. We infiltrate Party Island as a tour manager and take the opportunity to take a closer look at everything we want to put in a nick. So wait on the plane, that’s Dr. Dre. Dre is to pop-up to this GTA robbery, will pop out from saying hello. what. how. why. Yes!

Robbery is really interesting. Rockstar has announced that different approaches will be available, depending on the amount of reconnaissance. This can change the way we get in and out of the island and also open useful bonuses like air support. And while we seek big scores, many other small stolen goods may be in random locations around that location. If desired, the entire host can be run solo.

My criminals aren’t playing anymore and the pub is a nightmare so I want to go. I didn’t have time to do a complete robbery, but I sneaked out of the party and went to dodge the guards around the island. I will definitely go back and finish.

This update adds more load. A new radio station with new music! New music on some old stations (unfortunately not non-stop pop)! A new mission for a new DJ in a new nightclub! new clothes! New gun! New boat! New aircraft! New car! And if you log on this weekend, you’ll get a free go-kart. After the fashion disaster of Cyberpunk 2077, you need to check out these new looks.

Disclosure: I have a colleague who works for a rock star. This is almost inevitable for the inhabitants of Edinburgh.

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GTA Online welcomes us to a new island for a new heist

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