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After a few weeks of teasing and trailers Grand Theft Auto Online The biggest and latest update ever released today. The Cayo Perico Heist update adds new islands and robbers to the game, more than 250 songs, new weapons, and the saying “more”. But the protagonists of the update are its new island, Cayo Perico and its robbers. And while I enjoyed some of the robbery-related missions, I was disappointed with the island and how it was used in the update.

To reach this robber and its new island, you must first stop at The Locker, a new underground dance club / bar under the casino.There you will meet the son of Miguel Madrazo, GTA V With antagonists GTA online Mission provider Martin Madrazo. His family is in a bad situation. Some rich dislikes who own a private island have a lot of harmful stains on the Madrazo family and the deal is not legal. So Miguel entrusts you to steal harmful documents from Cayo Perico’s private islands. But first, you’ll need a submarine.

One of the coolest parts of the new update Players can buy, upgrade, and even drive huge Soviet-era submarines. But cool is not cheap. The basic plain version alone costs $ 2.2 million. That version lacks useful equipment such as civilian helicopters and missiles. However, even cheapo sub allows access to new robbers.


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Like the previous robbers GTA online, You don’t just head to the island, shoot a man, grab a loot and leave. Instead, you need to complete a series of Intel and preparation missions. These unleash new possibilities, new tools, or various ways to escape or assist in the event of a robbery. All Cayo Perico robbery plans are handled by the submarine, which is a hassle because you can’t get back to the submarine quickly. Therefore, you need to use a boat or helicopter to reach the submarine.

To gather information, fly to the island through cutscenes and explore the location while the party is taking place on the beach. Spreading throughout the island are a variety of tools, locations, secondary purposes, and points of interest. In the information phase, you run around the island unarmed, dodge guards, and collect information that you can use during a robbery. You may find some bolt cutters marked on the map. In the event of a later robbery, these can be used to quietly open the gate without exploding.

But walking around the island and dodging guards is not so much fun. In fact, it’s a huge slog, a pain in the buttocks. There are several vehicles around, but it’s not very convenient because you can easily warn nearby guards. But at least can you do this slog in a new field?

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It cannot be emphasized how strange it is to be in a brand new land seven years later. GTA onlineHas received some new areas like casinos in the past, but they were always quite small and often indoors. CayoPerico is not a new hotel or store. It’s a whole new island.Sure, it’s much smaller than GTA V’It’s an s map, but it’s still wild to drive around in a new area full of new plants and trees. But here’s the bad news about this new island: it’s boring.

It’s hard to say that because I was so excited to explore the new area. But, at least in its current form today, the new island is just a bunch of empty hills and roads with some small areas to explore during the robbery. And yes, you can only explore the place during the robbery. (((According to Rockstar’s patch notesDefeat the robbers and you can revisit the beach party with your friends … but it doesn’t seem like you have access to the entire island. )

And strangely, much of the time before the robbery is not spent on the island, but instead returns to Los Santos. All preparatory missions take place in the city. Many of these preparatory missions are very helpful in completing missions such as removing enemy helicopters from island robbers and blocking the supply of armor to weaken the enemy. This means that you are likely to make a lot of preparations before the robbery, especially if you are trying to solo the Cayo Perico robbery. In that case, you need all the benefits you can get to bring it to life. So most of my time with this new update wasn’t spent exploring new lands, but rather doing some quick preparatory work to fly around Los Santos.

In any case, once you’ve prepared enough and planned your attack, it’s time to infiltrate and steal the fortress on your private island.And unlike everything else GTA online The robbers released so far, I had the option to run it alone. The game warns that this limits the amount of loot you can take, but you also don’t have to split the take.


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Spoilers: I didn’t complete the robbery. I tried it 3 times. Every time I fail. It’s perfectly feasible, but I need to go back and prepare more and collect more information. All my mistakes resulted in the failure to make a great plan. But the idea of ​​running around the island for another 30 minutes to get more information sounds like the opposite of fun.

As I mentioned earlier, yes, there are no fun free roaming activities or missions on the island. This is a mysterious choice that may be due to technical reasons or development issues that occur while working from home. Whatever the reason, the lack of free roaming on the island is a great wasteful opportunity. Given the number of players who don’t touch the robbers, it seems a mistake to lock this new land behind a large and complex robbery. Of course, rock stars may have more plans for the island, and in a few months we may blow each other up on that beach. However, it is very disappointing to launch a new island without doing anything beyond the robbery and cannot sit well with the fans.

I will spend more time GTA online There are other offerings besides Cayo Perico, so new updates will be available over the next few days to weeks. Perhaps as time goes on, I will love the island robbery more. I’m a little uncertain. For now, I go back to Cayo Perrico and stab again to steal the owner. Hopefully you won’t die in the process.

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