GTA online player tries to run Hamlet and dies

GIF: Sam Crane / Rock Star

It’s not uncommon to perform in Grand Theft Auto Online.. Recently, Whole role-play server with special changes This allows players to better strut and fret their time on stage, which is very popular.However, players usually do not perform much with the usual old, unchanged ones. GTA online, And they definitely don’t perform Shakespeare.

But it didn’t stop YouTuber named Sam “Simple Mascara” Crane From trying to do Hamlet, Basically everyone dies. He diedAlso, although it is a fairly novel method compared to the source material. Of the crane Goal, AccordyIn the video description, “It was to reuse the world of GTA As a space for meditative existentialism through performance and poetry. ” Unfortunately, GTA The player had a gun.

First, the crane tried to do one of the following: HamletThe most famous monologue of depressed hamlet reflecting human condition GTA online lobby.

“The work is a man,” he said, with many players chatting in the background and bullets passing him and killing others involved in voluntary skirmishes. “How noble the reason is and how infinite the faculties are. How expressive and commendable in form and emotion. In reality, like an angel, like a god in anxiety.”

Then he was struck by a rocket. Who fired it may not have been like a super-god at the time. This pattern was repeatedly tried. Eventually, the crane went through the monologue and asked nearby players if they liked it. In response, they silently sang a small song.

In the second video, Crane retried the concept, but with a more formal setting. He and his friends decided to have a late-night exchange between the two sentries, Barnaldo and Francisco, this time on the stage of the Vinewood Bowl in Los Santos. They managed to captivate the crowd, but it wasn’t long before the two strong spectators started shooting at each other.

“If I could ask you to refrain from killing each other,” Crane said. Then one of the audience fired at him and blew him up on a nearby wall. “And don’t kill the actor,” he said, sprinting through the air.

Crane and his friends ran through their lines as they circled the stage, pulling their weapons. In front of them, the players shot at each other, with copter flying overhead and police sirens screaming.

“Did you have a quiet guard?” Asked Crane’s friend as Bernard.

“It’s not a mouse stirring,” Crane replied as Francisco, almost laughing ironically at the scene in front of him.

“Well, good night,” said his friend with a laugh. “If you meet my watch rivals Horatio and Marcels, hurry up and bid.”

“I think I’m listening to them,” Crane said immediately when the rocket exploded a few feet away.

Shortly thereafter, NPC police officers appeared and fired. “There’s shit, fucking police,” Crane said, probably no longer quoting Shakespeare.

Still, he tried to continue his performance game-wise.

“Bernard has my place,” he said. “good night.”

At that point a police officer shot his head. Certainly good night.

Still, given the situation, he doesn’t seem to be so disappointed with his performance.

“We were pretty good at getting there,” Crane laughed after it became clear that the show wasn’t going.

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