GTA Online Players Are Already Planning a Cayo Perico Treasure Chest Location

GTA Online has new bonus activities starting today, and GTA Online players are already planning what they need to do to complete it. As you prepare for Cayo Perico Heist, you will find hidden treasure chests. These are daily collections that offer quick payments in GTA $.

You can find new treasure chests during the scope out mission before the robbery. (See the GTA Cayo Perico Heist Mission Guide for more information on its purpose.) Caches are scattered around the map. If the cache is nearby, you will hear a small bell. You can find two caches a day. One is on land and the other is underwater.

Each chest deducts you $ 15,000-not a big bonus, but a decent little boost whenever you’re performing a robbery. Fortunately, more impatient among us, the data miners have already begun to reveal the position of the chest, so you don’t even have to work so hard for it.

Reddit User Space-potatoes has already created an initial map of cache locations.

This is a simple map I made from the Cayo Perico treasure chest. Sorry for the low quality! from gta online

This map is based on this video from Gtamen, where you can see a more accurate location.

If you need more help, see our GTA Cayo Perico Heist Weapons or GTA Cayo Perico Heist Payment Guide.

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