GTA Online reveals island robbery

Rockstar has finally reached out to a big new robbery planned at GTA Online. This had previously said it would take the crime to a whole new place. No, it’s not Vice City, but I’m leaving Los Santos. Cayo Perico Heist sends you to the drug trafficker’s private island, and you can even fly alone if you wish.

Cayo Perico breaks into the island of dangerous drug traffickers and smuggles all the fraudulent cash and money they can carry. It’s not a crime to steal from someone who is also a criminal, right? How does it work? So far, Rockstar has just released a short teaser for robbers, showing off landscape, security, and some of the submarines.

Rockstars call this the biggest robbery ever in GTA Online: “A whole new exotic robbery place with the ability to play everything solo or with up to three other players. “In addition, you can get new vehicles and tactical weapons, experience new social spaces to dance and party with friends, experience new world-class guest DJs, and more than 100 new songs. You can listen to radio stations. ”An armed submarine acts as the headquarters.

So far, GTA Online Robbery has never allowed less than two players, and Solo Route is the first. Perhaps going alone means bringing more cash home if successful, but I think the smaller the team, the harder it is to work. It’s a risk and a reward for you.

The new robber will arrive on December 15th. According to Rockstar, the details of Cayo Perico will be revealed later.

Rockstar has previously stated that it plans to continue updating GTA Online to the new console generation, so there’s much more to come. They also mentioned a standalone version of GTA Online, but it’s not confirmed if it will come to the PC.

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GTA 5’s next heist is a solo-able caper on a drug lord’s private island

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