GTA Online Video Claims fan and rock star teased GTA 6

Is this the official announcement of GTA6? (Photo: Google Map)

The unique set of map coordinates seems to provide clues about GTA 6. Or rock stars are trolling people again.

In general Rockstar is currently working on GTA 6, probably for some time without official confirmation, and Rockstar certainly hasn’t publicly acknowledged anything.

The next-generation version of GTA 5, which will be released next year, is unlikely to announce a full sequel until then, but I think some fans may already have one.

The theory revolves around the teaser trailer of the recent Cayo Perico update. It displays a set of GPS coordinates for a short time. The coordinates around a dirt road in Virginia happen to look like a Roman numeral of 6.

That sounds ridiculous, but the coordinates are visible to everyone, and well, the road looks a bit like V and I.

Everyone at rock stars knew there was a dirt road in the middle of a shape we didn’t know, but they like teasing and jokes, so maybe this could look exactly like that. : Tip Work on GTA6 is in progress.

No hints have been given as to when GTA 6 will be released, but taking things at face value, not to mention settings and other things.

With GTA 5 currently migrating to the next generation, it’s clear that GTA Online has enough mileage left, and it’s impossible to guess when Rockstar will consider replacing it. ..

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GTA 6 teased by Rockstar in GTA Online video claim fans

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