GTA V Robbery: All Robbers in Grand Theft Auto Online

One of the most persistent elements of Grand Theft Auto V’s very popular multiplayer partition is the online robbery that players can enjoy with up to 4 friends. Added in 2015, about two years after its release, they are believed to have rejuvenated the game and turned it into today’s great success. With the announcement of Cayo Perico Heist, we thought it would be a good opportunity to put together all the robbers currently available in the game and provide a brief summary of the events and rewards players can expect when tackling them. High-risk, high-paying challenges. Here are all the robbers in Grand Theft Auto Online.

All robbers in Grand Theft Auto Online

Freekeh work

$ 11500 Setup cost

This is the first robbery player to start with GTA Online (and here something that helps kickstart your criminal history) for the story mode character Lester Crest. If you have two players instead of four, you’ll need to look up a bank in a convenient location on the highway before procuring an escape armored car. You also need to select a player to act as a driller that unlocks the vault and gives you access to loot.

Prison Break

$ 40000 Setup cost

This next robbery introduces Agent 14. Agent 14 calls on a Russian professor to be saved from Boringbroke Prison. In four setup missions, you need to steal planes from the airfield, hijack prison transport buses, cosplay like copper, silence some attorneys, and divide the party across the map. Next, you need to avoid the jets and commit to a prison break to fly Rashkovsky into the safe zone of the recovered plane.

Humanitarian laboratory raid

$ 54,000 setup cost

Humane Labs Raid is another four robbers who have to attack a data drive laboratory in a sprinter cell fashion. Setup includes getting a keycode, picking up a weaponized Merryweather truck, and stealing a Hydra jump jet with EMP installed. Next, some will split into teams and infiltrate the lab, while others will secure and transport the duo. After that, we will depart for Valkyrie’s gunship.

Series A Financing

$ 40,400 setup cost

The robber has five setup missions, involving Trevor, one of the main characters in the campaign. Steal cola from your friend’s boy, or steal various other medicines from the entire area of ​​the map. Second, when you bring your luggage to the El Gordo Lighthouse buyer, you need to protect it from all the stolen factions.

Pacific Standard Job

$ 100000 setup cost

The last robbery from the first update is huge, robbing the Pacific Standard Bank in the center of town. The setup requires hijacking the armored convoy, stealing a set of powerful bikes and escaping with a dyed doche. Then in the main event, you control the crowd while your friends hack and blow the vault.

Doomsday robbery

To start The Doomsday Heist, you must be part of the organization and own the building of the facility. Next, you need to get all kinds of items with three contents, such as Riot Van, ballistic missiles, and large amounts of marked cash. You can only undertake a real robbery if you have completed a long setup. This ends with all Jetpack players chasing the malicious Avon.

Diamond casino robbery

Diamond Casino Heist was added to the game at the end of 2019 along with a casino update. Must be set up before starting the arcade. Next, you need to look into the casino range and take pictures of all the entrances and security cameras. This gives players additional information to get the big score. .. When you’re ready, you can approach the robbery in three ways: aggressive, silent & sneak, and big con, with a different ending in case of any contingency. Robbery can fail, but it doesn’t fail immediately and can be adapted to the moment of success regardless.

Cayo Perico Heist

Announced earlier this month, Cayo Perico Heist is a whole new score for GTA online players and will take you to a whole new place on a tightly guarded private island. Cayo Perico Heist appeared on December 15th, making it possible to play this robber solo for the first time. This is good news for players who don’t have trusted robbery friends. Instead of an arcade, it seems that we need to pick up the submarine headquarters and continue.

GTA V Heists: Every heist in Grand Theft Auto Online

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