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All this premature story about the Premier League title race sounds a bit ridiculous right after the New Year, but it’s safe to hear Manchester United listed as a candidate. The longer it is, the better!

However, Pep Guardiola claims that the appearance of United in the Premier League will not cause him to lose his sleep.

His Manchester side Trip to Chelsea Hoping to close the gap with rivals on Sunday, Guardiola is shaping the title race to be a battle between the two Manchester clubs and Liverpool.

After a trip to Chelsea in the city, there will be a one-time Carabao Cup semifinal tie with United.

But that’s the prospect of a title race that’s wetting our appetite.

“I’m sure I’m happier than I am, but I’m not too worried about United.” Guardiola, mirror.. “If you have United, it’s worth it.

“Before I landed here, people said that the real Premier League is a place where everyone can lose to anyone. I’ve never seen it before.

“Now it’s the first time I’ve seen a team lose or win a 7 and then draw. The results are unpredictable.”

Despite flirting at the top of the table at some point, Frank Lampard’s Chelsea have only won one in the last five league games. It’s a disastrous record that Bruce needs to improve for a decent season.

He was a big summer spender because of all the stories Lampard couldn’t spend last season, but Chelsea had a hard time finding consistency over the last few weeks.

I will monitor it later.

Friday night was a great weekend out of the game, beating Aston Villa.

This allowed us to enjoy some of the weekend games with a peaceful mind, hoping that all the teams around us would drop points.

As long as Liverpool will face Southampton on Monday night, the draw between City and Chelsea will be cake icing.

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Guardiola joins Manchester United Guardiola joins Manchester United

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