Guide: 6 Top Tips for Immortal Fenyx Rising Rapid Progress

Immortals Fenyx Rising is a huge open world action-adventure game. It’s huge and, in fact, feels overwhelming, especially in the first few hours. If you feel the same, you’ve come to the right place, and you’ll find the following five important tips to help guide you along the way.

1 – Hyperopia is your friend

The immortal map is huge and begs for quest. At first, it can be a little too much to figure out where to go and what to do, especially if you don’t want to miss anything. One of Fenyx’s many abilities is the Far Sight ability. This is the ability to focus your eyesight and identify points of interest or markers you come across during your journey.

Far Sight allows you to identify new areas to explore and add them to your map for later use. It’s not a perfect combat capability, so it’s very easy to miss hyperopia to the point where you might forget to use it when you’re not at the top of a mountain or overlooked, and that’s my first tip That’s why-do it as often as possible! The point of the game is to climb the statue early and use it, but you can use it at any time as well as height, so make the most of it. Not only that, but by accident or design, you can hover over the area and click R2 to see exactly what you’re looking at, even if you’re blocked from your line of sight.

With Far Sight, you can identify new locations, including many chests and challenges scattered around the landscape, such as the very important Tartarus vault that you can use to upgrade your stamina. This will give you a nice move to Tip 2 …

2 – Pay attention to stamina

Stamina is used in almost every game at this point, so it doesn’t need to be explained here, but managing it isn’t that important. Stamina is indicated by a blue bar that appears next to Fenyx whenever it is used, such as sprinting, climbing, or swimming. If you need to be physically fit, you can be assured of using stamina.

When your stamina is low, the screen flashes red and eventually the phoenix doubles and you need to rest to allow time to recover. If you are climbing, you will fall, if you are swimming, you will drown. The bars are finite, but not limited by them.

Alongside the break, you can use the potion assigned to the right button on the cross key to partially or completely replenish the stamina bar. This happens instantly. This means you can replenish your stamina in the middle of an action. This extends the stamina bar far beyond the actual limits. In the early sections, there were several times when you could press the right button each time your stamina was low to access areas that shouldn’t be reachable, and replenish quickly and instantly. This quickly runs out of potion and blue mushroom stacks, but is a better alternative than dying if it means you can replenish your reserves later. This will take you to Tip # 3 …

3 – Collect everything

During your trip, you have a lot to pick up, whether it’s the blue mushrooms mentioned above that replenish your stamina or the pomegranate that does the same for your health. My advice-grab a lot.

Do you see mushrooms shining in the distance? I’m going to grab them. Not only are they useful early on, but you don’t know what’s hidden around the corner.

4 – Don’t be afraid to get off the beaten road

If you stick to my first tip, you’ll quickly find a map dotted with icons and be intrigued, but that doesn’t mean you’ll get it all using FarSight alone. Don’t hesitate to detour from your current destination-climb that cliff, swim across its bay and walk a long way-know what you’ll encounter on your trip People…

5 – Avoid high speed travel

Like many previous games, Immortals Fenyx Rising has a Fast Travel system that lets you quickly get to where you’re visiting. This is useful if you’re busy with time, but zooming in on the map can miss hidden items and places and give you a good reward.

6 – Hit trees and bushes to find additional goods

I need a pomegranate, but is there anything in the basket that is easy to lie down on? Look at the nearest tree to see if there are any red glowing fruits. You can shoot them down one by one with an arrow, but it’s much faster to tap R2 and hit a tree with an ax. With some decent swings you will find shiny fruits that fall to the ground. Look at your head …

On the other hand, if you are running out of other resources, do the same as above, but with bushes. The open world is littered with bushes and shrubs to hide, but you can grab a sword and chop it up for additional resources. Not all bushes become gold mines, but you can find more by interacting with the world.

Bonus Tips-Use the Camera

Many of the Immortals Fenyx Rising puzzles require you to learn sequences and use visual cues. An easy way to solve these is to take pictures easily with your cell phone, not with rocket science. Even if your phone isn’t convenient, use the PS4 / PS5’s screen capture or recording feature to play it when you need it. Even better, if you can pick up your PS5, use the image feature to pin the screenshot to your screen when you need it.

Hopefully these tips will help you start your adventure at Immortals Fenyx Rising. If you have your own tips, drop them in the comments below.

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Guide: 6 Top Tips for Fast Progress in Immortals Fenyx Rising

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