Guide: How to get a PSVR adapter for PS5 (free)

The current iteration of Sony’s PSVR headset will work on the PS5, allowing you to play most of the PSVR games on the new PS5 using your existing headset. However, there is one minor problem. You can’t use the new PS5 camera with PSVR, you need an adapter for PS4 camera to connect to PS5. It’s a bit annoying and certainly not ideal, but it does mean that you can play PSVR games on your PS5 without having to leave your PS4 connected to the entertainment center. The PS5 is a huge console, so you may not have the space for both anyway!

How to get a PSVR adapter for PS5 (free!)

  1. Visit the Sony support page here
  2. Click on the box that says “I’m not a robot” to make sure it’s not a robot
  3. Fill out the form asking for your PSVR serial number. There is a serial number on the back of the breakout box.
  4. Please enter your serial number
  5. Please continue to follow the form to double-check that your name and address are spelled correctly.

If everything is working fine, your order will be confirmed. It won’t cost you a penny. If you have pre-ordered your PS5 and want to get your PSVR available on your PS5 as soon as possible, you need to do this as soon as possible.

Source: Sony

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Guide: How to Get a PSVR Adapter for PS5 (For Free)

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