Guild Wars 2: Icebrood Saga finale continues next week with “Power”

Guild Wars 2 Multipart Finale: Icebrood Saga will continue next week in Episode 5, Chapter 2. In the first content drop of the free MMORPG entitled “Power” in 2021, “Fire and the Furious Apocalypse” heads to Tilia. This is not only the threat of massive destruction, but also story stories, missions, rewards and more.

“Power” brings four new dragon response missions (solo quests or group quests to dodge dragon minions and strengthen key locations) to Thunderhead Peak, Ruined Fields, Lake Doria, and Snowden Drift. These missions include the option to dial a challenge if you want to tackle something even more tricky, ArenaNet explains in a press release. That way, you’ll get more rewards (of course, you can survive and tell the story).

In addition, the new chapter introduces Deldrimor Dwarves, a new alliance faction that can be adopted as part of a new global faction mobilization event. Combat-enhanced dwarves support Drago Response missions and bring “stone-like tenacity and alchemical skills” to the table. In addition, another mysterious faction will appear in the game on February 16th, along with some new upgrades to Dragonslayer’s weapons.

About new rewards. “Power” will showcase goods such as the Deldrimor Stoneskin Infusion “(no ritual required)”, additional combat perks, and items from alliance faction vendors arriving via the Dragon Slayer Mastery Line.

If you want to know what’s coming next week, check out the trailer for the new chapter above.

Guild Wars 2: Ice Blood Saga-Episode 5, Chapter 2 begins on January 19th. All four chapters of the finale episode are Guild Wars 2: Own the Road of Fire, log in at release, and continue to the next – called “Balance” – March 2021.

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