Guy Pearce is amazing in World War II art mystery

Guy Pearce is a superbly cunning and capricious Dutch art dealer suspected of being a Nazi collaborator. Last Vermeer It tells the incredible true story of Han van Meegeren. Van Meegeren, a glamorous narcissist who made a fortune during World War II, was quickly involved in Allied hunting in search of stolen works of art. Based on a true criminal biography by Jonathan Lopez, Last Vermeer Well performed and created a dramatic mystery. It will be a little dragged in the second act, but it will recover with the strength of the lead performance.

Last Vermeer Opened in the Netherlands a few weeks later Hitler’s defeat.. A train car owned by Nazi Reichsmarshall Hermann Goering was found in a previously unknown painting by the Dutch master “Christ and Adultery”. Captain Joseph Pillar (Kresbang), a Dutch Jew who fought in resistance, is assigned to find out who sold the painting and bring him to trial. Helping the Germans was the death penalty. The Dutch were executing their rebellious compatriots by firing squad.

Captain Pillar and his loyal executor, Decker (Roland Møller), shake off the nervous elite until they are directed to Han van Meegeren’s gallery.Guy Pearce). He submits to their cross-examination with an almost cheerful look. Pillar’s anger at Van Meegeren’s hedonistic lifestyle, compassion, and Nazi sociability subsides as his investigation deepens. The newly resurrected Dutch government wants to set an example for Van Meegeren, but Pillar’s assistant (Vicky Krieps) has made a surprising discovery. The true scope of Van Meegeren’s achievements will rock the world of art at its core.

Last Vermeer Pillar begins as a moral play trying to correct the mistakes made to his people and the country. His anger and quest for revenge is muddy because his work does not fit as expected. Pillar’s deal with Van Meegeren has forced him to look into his personal life. War is hell. People do whatever it takes to survive. Han van Meegeren used the war to greatly enrich himself.But he NazisOr do you use them intently? The movie answers that question with an interesting climax.

Last Vermeer Billionaire businessman, stunt pilot and film producer Dan Friedkin’s feature director debut (All money in the world, Mule). He does an incredible job behind the camera on his first turn. Last Vermeer It has high production value at all levels. The set, costumes and production design are very good. The film has an intimate look and feel, but shows the devastating aftermath of the war. He is also smart enough to give tolerance to veteran leads.Claes Bang plays Straightman Guy Pearce chews on the screen With devilish courage. They succeeded in changing the mood of the plot. Movies on this subject rarely have tension and comical at the same time.

Pacing fluctuates in the second action Last Vermeer Pivot to court settings. It’s moderately calm, but enough to lose the steam of the story. Friedkin wanted to give the characters in the pillars the same time as the historical background. It’s fair play, but Van Meegeren is too funny to deviate. Thank you for your cooperation and watch this movie coldly. I had never heard of Han van Meegeren and was really surprised at his story. Last Vermeer Production of Imperative Entertainment and NL Film.Scheduled to be released in theaters Sony pictures In the United States on November 20th.

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Guy Pearce is amazing in World War II art mystery

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