H & M works with Maisie Williams and Animal Crossing to promote sustainable fashion

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Fast fashion is one of the leading causes of marine pollution, rainforest destruction and landfill waste. It is used to represent fashion that is cheaply manufactured, shipped worldwide at the expense of low-wage workers in poor countries, and sold at low prices in places such as Primark, H & M, Zara and Uniqlo. The term.

Many of these brands have been blamed for poor working conditions, poor product quality, and the promotion of overconsumption. It does not even get into the textile itself, such as the pesticides used on cotton farms, microplastics from polyester, and the long-term biodegradability of these fabrics. Of course, consumers cannot be completely burdened with informed and conscious choices for more ethical and sustainable clothing-after all, fast fashion is affordable. It is popular. For now, it’s up to the company to make the biggest difference.

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In an attempt to lead “a global initiative for a more sustainable fashion future,” H & M said Maisie Williams (Game of Thrones) Encourage reuse, remake and recycling of clothing to “close the fashion loop”.

“The long-term goal is to use 100% recycled or other sustainable raw materials for textiles across the H & M Group’s full brand by 2030.

It’s time to take action and create more viable production circuits in fashion to protect the planet for the next generation. “
-Maisie Williams

As part of the promotion of H & M’s new garment recycling machine, Looop, the company has partnered with Guide Animal Crossing News: New Horizons to create a fashion-focused bespoke island in-game. According to the press release, players can recycle old outfits into new outfits on the island, but it’s not clear how that works.

Maisie herself will appear on Looop Island on April 13th (today) with H & M’s Global Sustainability Manager Pascal Brun.

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