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American costume reveals that before the first race, after pre-season testing in Bahrain, the VF-21 car will not be developed and instead will focus all resources on the 2022 challenger did.

Haas wasn’t ready for the tests and the opening round, so he will make some minor updates for the second race of the season at Imola, but will not add any new developments after that.

The team is at the bottom of most Bahrain Grand Prix timesheets, with drivers Mick Schumacher and Nikita Mazepin last qualifying. The Germans were 0.5 seconds away from the nearest Williams.

In the race, Mazepin crashed shortly after the start and Schumacher finished last.

Steiner remains realistic about Haas’s outlook for the upcoming season, and most of what he can do is help drivers gain experience before they want a better 2022. I recognize that.

“If you can fight Williams, that’s it,” Steiner said. “As you know, I’m very realistic about it, and we’re not making any effort to do more than that.

“I think it’s the maximum amount we can get out of the car [is] To get your driver ready and better prepared, you only need to gain experience. That’s what we want. That way, you’ll be ready when you have a better car. That is the plan for this year. “

Haas F1 Team Principal, Gwenzer Steiner

Photo: Andy Hone / Motorsport image

Mazepin’s weekend was hampered by several spins before the race ended early. Schumacher also spun on the restart, but was able to rejoin and secure his first F1 race finish.

Steiner is optimistic about what his drivers have learned from their mistakes and will not repeat them.

“I think they need to learn this fight when you fight,” Steiner added. “I think both throttles were too tight. Then I went to a curb or something like that.

“And it’s just that you know, these cars are so powerful, and when the torque starts, you get a kick, and you can’t get them back anymore, so this is an experience I think it depends on.

“I don’t think they will do that again. They spin again, but not as they do today.

“This was a new experience of trying to compete with other cars in the race, and sometimes it was a bit too optimistic.”

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Haas “doesn’t focus” on anything other than fighting Williams in F1 Haas “doesn’t focus” on anything other than fighting Williams in F1

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