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With a mysterious movement Haas Mattia Binotto claims that American clothing will continue to be a customer team rather than a B team, but it’s about having its own division in Maranello.

The move follows the recent announcement that chassis engineering director Simone Resta will join American costumes in an undefined role.

In the future, we will set up a department dedicated to employees. Haas -Do this all at once Ferrari The number of staff needs to be reduced in order to reduce the level required by the imminent budget cap.

“These people are in a completely separate building from Maranello’s Scuderia. Ferrari“They will not have access to Scuderia,” Binotto said. Ferrari building. It will be separated and they will stay there. “

The Italians were keen to reveal it Haas It remains a customer team and has no intention of sharing information.

“As far as we are concerned, they are customers,” he said. “Some of us will join their team, and I think it’s a great opportunity for them. I think doing so can strengthen their organization and their technical organization. It’s a great opportunity.

“That was what we needed,” he added. “We had to shrink today’s organization to meet the budget limits.

“Still Haas Is a completely independent team compared to Ferrari“It’s not a junior team, and it’s not exchanging information beyond what is possible by regulation,” he claimed.

The Italian admits he is happy to have his staff involved Haas A team rather than losing them to a thorough rival.

“I’m certainly happier to know that those people are involved if I have the choice and have to shrink the organization. Haas Organize and strengthen your team, rather than just going to market and making it available to other teams. That’s certainly the way we see collaboration.

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Haas has a “hub” in Maranello Haas has a “hub” in Maranello

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