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Shameful video showing that driver confirms Haas today Nikita Mazepin Fumbling for a woman in the car Not sacrificing his F1 debut It attracts many people, but few are surprised.

Anxiety about Mazepin’s suitability for F1 has long been expressed. In 2016, he attacked Callum Ilott and was banished from Formula Three race (one of the three on the weekend in question), leaving black eyes and swollen chin.this year Mazepin finished his second season in F2 one penalty point away from qualifying for an automatic ban..

Nonetheless, there is huge support behind him, and his father, a petrochemical billionaire, tried to buy the Force India Formula 1 team two years ago, but Mazepin graduated from F1. Has long been regarded as a “when” and “not” problem.The results in his junior category were unobtrusive but credible – 2nd in GP3 2018 and 5th in Formula 2 this year – but Large-scale private F1 test program by multiple world champions MercedesUnlike Lance Stroll with Williams four years ago, he’s not just ready.

In the case of Haas’s costume, which is suffering from serious cash flow, the contract with Mazepin was lucrative and could not be refused. The team had already shown the door to both regular drivers, Romain Grosjean And Kevin Magnussen was looking for someone to help. “There was a big chance that we weren’t here anymore.” Steiner admitted last month..

Mazepin’s orbital behavior is also criticizing

“We are cutting out our work.” When asked about Mazepin’s orbital behavior, he added separately, but didn’t realize that a much larger scandal was just a few days away.

The video appeared eight days after Mazepin announced Mazepin’s 2021 debut. The footage was quickly deleted, but it was already widely captured and shared. Haas responded quickly but carefully to it. They saved their strongest words due to the fact that the footage was published on social media, stating that they “did not tolerate Nikita Mazepin’s behavior in the video.”

Mazepin also announced an apology, but it no longer appears in his Instagram account. Around the same time, a woman seen in the video – Andrea D’Ival – told social media followers that it was posted by herself, not Mazepin.

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During the last race weekend of the season Steiner said the team is still discussing the case with Mazepin, but could keep the resolution private... “If you think you can live without us [it] I’ll do it when it comes out, “he said.

Gwenzer Steiner, Bahrain International Circuit, 2020
Steiner admits Haas is approaching folding this year

Apparently Haas decided that he could live without issuing a resolution.Mazepin continues to announce today 2021 F1 season And “This issue is currently being addressed internally.”

This inevitably prompts a question: what did Haas say internally that cannot be shared externally? The presence of Mazepin seems to be essential to the presence of the team at this time, so it’s hard to imagine it being so numerous.

How reassuring did the team staff feel about his actions? Anyone who watches a video of an athlete man forcibly grabbing a young woman of a small physique would be perfectly justified asking if it’s safe to share a workplace with him.

Haas’s treatment of the Mazepin case would wonder if F1 would need a team in its own driver’s terms. “I didn’t really race” at the end of the year, Still makes the sport such an infamous one.

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Therefore, Haas’s problem is a Formula 1 problem. Already this year, we’ve seen quick and decisive action in other series of driver-unacceptable actions. Formula E driver Daniel Abt cheated in virtual racing and paid for it at work. NASCAR’s Kyle Larson faced the same thing after being broadcast with racial obscenity. Of course, these aren’t exactly similar cases, but should F1 keep drivers at a lower level?

Formula E Apt lost a drive across the flirt line

Formula 1 has been keen to show progress in the treatment of women since Liberty Media replaced Bernie Ecclestone, who likened women to kitchen appliances. The use of “Grid Girls” was abolished shortly after taking over, and next year the W Series in the All Women Feeder category will support the eight-round championship.

At the end of the year, when Formula 1 can be proud of its successful response to the unprecedented and unexpected challenges of the pandemic, it often successfully hosts a thrilling 17-race championship, and the Mazepin case drags the sport into. It is a bitter coder. Gutter.

Formula 1 calls it “We Race As One” all year round. Allowing his shameful behavior with Mazepin’s already disappeared apology would prove that the hashtag is not true.

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Haas wiped out Mazepin’s problems under the carpet. Now it’s a F1 issue ・ Race Fans Haas wiped out Mazepin’s problems under the carpet. Now it’s a F1 issue ・ Race Fans

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