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Prior to UFC 257, Dana White reported: Habib Nurmagomedov If one of the top lightweight candidates impressed him, he said he might fight again. But the star’s longtime coach Javier Mendes said May Freeing Habib from retirement Georges St-Pierre..

In fact, Mendes believes that if Nurmagomedov really wants it, he should endure a GSP match.

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Mendes believes Habib should “withhold” the GSP fight

Up to UFC 257, there was endless speculation about the future of Habib. The story was that the card headlining fight could determine who would fight for the lightweight title net, and probably Habib would defend the belt.

However, after Dustin Poirier took Conor McGregor out and Michael Chandler finished Dan Hooker, White reported that Habib showed no sign of ending his retirement.

Well, since then Mendes has spoken to Submit radio. He said this while Habib was talking about the possibility of fighting again ( MMA fighting).

“I [Conor] I intended to do great things so that Habib could even fight him, because he had to ask for his mother’s permission first, “Mendez said.

“You have to remember. The important thing is that he has to ask his mother for permission.

I hadn’t seen the GSP offered, and he wondered if the only way he came out of it was if the GSP was in that photo.

But given what happened, I don’t know why he wants to come out and fight someone. why? This fight with Dustin is not going to motivate him. He doesn’t look at the money side of it.

“But if they can put the GSP on the table, there may be a chance. I’m not saying that because I don’t know, but I’m just saying it might be just the GSP.

I always thought it was a GSP because my dad wanted it. If that works and I get the permission of my mother, I think it will work.

But I don’t think anyone else is going to work. Limit. “


Indeed, Mendes wasn’t the only one to say that a match against GSP could be a match to put Habib back in the cage.That said, White recently had Nurmagomedov. I’m no longer interested in fighting GSP.

What seems pretty clear is that Habib isn’t interested in fighting things like Poirier and McGregor again. He repeatedly said that those games were not of interest to him.

Can Charles Oliveira, who has never fought Habib, change the idea of ​​the latter? What if he faces Poirier and wins a dominant victory?

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Habib coaches believe stars should be “holded out” for the GSP fight Habib coaches believe stars should be “holded out” for the GSP fight

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