Hackers hack Apex Legends and complain about Titanfall hackers • .net

Titanfall fans have hacked Apex Legends to draw the attention of developer Respawn.

If you log in to Apex Legends on your PC now, you will see the URL “” with the subheader “” instead of the regular playlist.[Titanfall 1] Apex is also being attacked because it is being attacked. “

At the end of each match, players will also receive an “important message” requesting that they “visit and report to”, a website that has been online since at least March 2021. Affected players basically don’t seem to have access to other game modes. Block them so they don’t play at all.

“Titanfall is a franchise loved by many and is raising the issue of hackers. [sic], ”Statement website Officials insist. “The Titanfall community has been begging Respawn to fix this issue for over three years and it didn’t help. Today, the game is still on sale, but it’s completely unplayable. It’s time to talk. ..

“Titanfall 1 is currently not playable on PC because it is a hacker using an exploit that prevents players from playing the game,” he added. Apex Legends News). “This problem has been going on for years and Respawn is happy to pretend to be ignorant.

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“To date, Titanfall 1 is still sold on Origin and can’t be played these days, but on Steam. Developer Respawn has been contacted many times on this issue in various ways. As soon as the topic of the Titanfall 1 issue is picked up, they stop replying. Electronic Arts, Respawn’s parent company and publisher of Titanfall 1, is aware of the situation and provides countless reports to client support and forums. I am. Year. “

Yet, developer Respawn hasn’t publicly commented on the hack.

Ironically, anyway, when it comes to Apex Legends, hackers and scammers are already in Respawn’s head. Over the last few months, players have been using Respawn to report an increase in DDoS attacks against ranked games. I swear to take a “big step” Solve the problem.

As I recently explained on Twitter, I said Respawn is adopting it. “More people will concentrate on manual bans”We are also investigating new ways to catch and remove scammers from the game, perhaps using automated tools. “We are developing more tools to automatically detect and stop DDoS attacks,” Respawn said, addressing the DDoS issue specifically.


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