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Hackers Release New Jailbreak Tool for Almost All iPhones – TechCrunch

The iPhone hacking team has released a new jailbreak tool for almost every iPhone, including the latest model, using the same vulnerability that Apple said last month was aggressively attacked by hackers.

Unc0ver team Release the latest jailbreak This weekend, it will work on iOS 11 (iPhone 5s or later) released by Apple in December to iOS 14.3.

Jailbreak is a cat-and-mouse game between security researchers who want more control and customization of their phones and Apple who says they lock down their iPhones for security. Hackers build jailbreak tools by finding and exploiting vulnerabilities that can lift some of Apple’s restrictions, such as installing apps outside the app store that most Android users are already accustomed to. To do.

In a tweet, the jailbreak group stated that it used a “proprietary exploit” for CVE-2021-1782. This is a kernel vulnerability that Apple said. One of three flaws It “may have been actively abused” by hackers. Targeting the kernel allows hackers to dig deeper into the underlying operating system.

Apple Fixed the vulnerability IOS 14.4, released last month, prevents jailbreak from working in later versions. The iPhone was rarely found to be under aggressive attack by hackers, but the company didn’t say who the hackers were and who they were targeting. Apple also granted anonymity to the researchers who submitted the bug.

Fixed last jailbreak for groups that supported iPhones running iOS 11 through iOS 13.5 Within a few days last year. Apple will quickly understand and fix the vulnerabilities discovered by the Jailbreak Group. This is because these same vulnerabilities can be maliciously exploited.

Security experts generally advise iPhone users on jailbreaks to make their devices more vulnerable to attacks. Also, keeping your phone up-to-date may introduce security fixes that remove the jailbreak, which is one of the best ways to keep your device safe.

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Hackers Release New Jailbreak Tool for Almost All iPhones – TechCrunch Hackers Release New Jailbreak Tool for Almost All iPhones – TechCrunch

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