Hades Cross-Saves update is now available on Nintendo Switch

Hades players can now access saved files on both PC and Nintendo Switch. Supergiant Games released an update today on December 16th with the addition of a cross-save feature.

The cross-save feature was initially promised at the same time as Hades on Nintendo Switch, but Supergiant Games decided to push the feature to focus on the game itself. The studio said it delayed features so that it didn’t have to delay the full release of the game.

Other improvements already released on the PC have also been added to the Nintendo Switch in today’s update. You can download it by launching Hades from the Nintendo Switch menu. Full patch notes for the update can be found on the Supergiant website.

Hades was initially released in Early Access in 2018 and is in continuous development until it is officially released in September. Supergiant Games is currently working on other updates and fixes for the game, but has no plans for other content. Creative director Greg Casabin previously told GameSpot that he didn’t know what the studio was developing next.

Hades is one of GameSpot’s 2020 best nominations. The innovative take of the roguelike genre, which combines tight gameplay with a beautifully written story, is unlike any other game we’ve played this year.

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