Hades Yule Log Warms Your Home With The Flames of Hell

Winter vacation is approaching. At least for me, I need to stay warm and think about the best games of 2020. Fortunately, Supergiant Games people can easily do both at the same time. House of Hades Yule Log, 12 hours broadcast directly from Zagreus and Gang House.

Yes, it’s actually a 12-hour loop of nice little Hades-themed fireplace animation, but after 13 consecutive working days, enduring Twitter’s endless Cyberpunk 2077 discourse, this is exactly what I’m doing What you need. I haven’t seen it all yet (did you say it’s 12 hours?), But I cross my fingers for Cerberus to finally appear. He is a good boy. You should stroke him more.

“We are excited to be able to unite as a team and continue to make games for the future,” the developer said in a season greeting blog. “It’s too early to say our next thing, but we’re really looking forward to understanding it. So far, from all of us, safe, peaceful, cozy, I wish you a happy holiday season and all the best of next year. “

We’re still not sure if we’ll receive the Christmas Eve Overwatch Yule log again this year, but at least there’s Hades’ hell flames to keep us warm.

If you are looking for some better roguelike games to meet your holiday, you can follow that link.

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