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Hailwood plant in Ford’s electric drive frame

There are growing expectations that Ford will transform its automotive gearbox transmission business in Halewood, Merseyside, into the production of equivalent electronic drive systems for electric vehicles.

If the American motor group decides to move forward, the move could sustain hundreds of jobs. It will also be a bonus for the UK electric vehicle industry, which lags behind its European competitors.

Ford is said to be within a few weeks of deciding to make a significant investment to switch Hailwood’s business to the future of electricity.

Industry sources have confirmed that the Merseyside factory is at the forefront of that idea.

Ford, which stopped making cars in Britain 20 years ago, refused to comment on the decision, but said it was “all-in” to electrification. “Two-thirds of all passenger and commercial vehicle sales are expected to be all-electric or plug-in hybrid vehicles by 2030,” he said.

Sky News reports that Ford was in talks with the business unit, indicating that it wants taxpayers’ support from the Treasury’s Automotive Transformation Fund.

Ford’s previous initiatives include the Transit Van Engineering Plant in Dagenham, eastern London, moving towards the manufacture of components for electric vehicles.

The company plans to build an electric vehicle for the European market in Cologne, Germany, and it is unlikely that a future Battery Gigafactory will be based in the United Kingdom. However, the e-drive system, which powers the axle from the motor, is an important component of the electric vehicle, and ensuring its production is monitoring many of the European electric vehicle revolutions in the UK. Will be a big win for the industry. In German.

The first models to be deployed from Hailwood on the outskirts of Liverpool were the Ford Anglia and Corsair nearly 60 years ago. Escort and Capri were later made there.

When Ford switched car production to the continent at the turn of the century, Halewood began making cars badged as Jaguar and Land Rover — a subsidiary of Ford at the time. When selling Jaguar Land Rover to Tata Motors in 2008, Ford retained part of a Halewood plant that manufactures gearboxes in collaboration with German parts maker Getrag. Getrag has left the joint venture this year.

The car group Stellantis Started manufacturing electric Vauxhall, Peugeot, Citroen and Fiat vans at Elsmere Port A small but small factory a few miles from Halewood. The Bentley plant in the Cheshire crew has promised to convert all output to electricity while Jaguar is on the same path in Solihull.

The UK’s first Gigafactory is under construction by British Bolt in Bryce, northeast England, where Nissan in Sunderland is working on the Gigafactory. Upon arrival, we will begin construction of an electric van for UPS and an electric bus for FirstGroup in Oxfordshire...

Hailwood plant in Ford’s electric drive frame Hailwood plant in Ford’s electric drive frame

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