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Merson insists on Odegor, Lacazette puts the house up for sale, Sagna sends Hakimi’s message in Arsenal’s summary …

Alexandre Lacazette seems to be planning his life after Arsenal after he put his house up for sale and recently moved to rent.

Former Lyon guys are not always guaranteed to be Emirates starters, as Pierre Emmerich Aubameyan often resigns to the bench. He has scored 13 goals this season, including a draw at West Ham.

However, in the media that Mikel Arteta will be sold at the end of the season as he needs to raise some money to bring some fresh faces to become the next side challenger. A season with constant speculation.

There is a lot of interest in Lacazette in Spain and Italy, and if Arsenal decides he is one player he no longer needs, Atletico Madrid is a clear favorite to sign up for the transfer window. It has become.

What is the latest?

IcFootballnews learned that while Lacazette was in Arsenal, he sold his home for the past few years and moved to a rental apartment in a very upscale area.

This move suggests that the French are preparing for life after the club, and with all the speculation associated with the move to leave him, it is a move that suggests he is leaving the club.

round up….

Lacazette has been a very good servant of the club for the past few seasons, but it’s time for him to leave because he’s not a striker who achieves 20 goals in the season.

Arsenal need to renew their front lines, and getting some money from the sale of Lacazette will sign a new striker.

Bacary Sagna admits that he was shocked by the rise of Arsenal’s target, Achraf Hakimi.

Morocco’s International was very impressed with the two seasons spent in Borussia Dortmund, which was rented from Real Madrid between 2018 and 2020.

Since his move from the Bundesliga, Inter has maintained an impressive standard, with six goals and five assists, which can further enhance his valuation in the last 12-18 months.

Premier League suitors are said to be considering a big buck, but freeing Hakimi from a deal scheduled to run until 2025 is neither easy nor cheap. A transfer transaction has been made.

What did Sagna say?

Sagna, who spoke exclusively to Arsenal’s right-back situation to Goal, said: [if Bellerin leaves]..

“Hakimi never gets tired. He is always moving forward. He is very fast.

“I was surprised to see him playing in Madrid because he wasn’t very good at me. You could see that possibility, but I think he’s doing it now. Did not expect him to do so. “

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I am convinced that it is right to leave Héctor Bellerin out of the club at the end of the season. He is not a former player, and after all, Arteta needs to refresh his team.

But is Hakimi the right kind of player? We don’t know, but we know that if Arsenal really wants to have them all sign up in the forwarding window, they will have to pay some heavy money to complete the deal.

Paul Merson says he wants Arsenal to have already bid to keep Martin Ødegaard with them forever before the summer transfer period.

Odegor has made a huge impression over the past few weeks after defeating the club’s full load during the January window to take the talented midfielder to the Premier League until the end of the season.

He has become a major player under Mikel Arteta and the Spanish boss is reportedly very eager to sign a transfer deal, but his great form is another in Madrid next season. May tempt you to give you a chance,

What did Merson say?

Merson said he would be disappointed if Arsenal had not yet notified Madrid of their intention to sign permanently, and should not give the midfielder too much responsibility and opportunity if the club had no permanent plans. Added.

“Martin Ødegaard looks like a really good player and I hope Arsenal have a chance to sign him forever,” Merson said. Star sports..

“Why is he playing when he doesn’t have a chance to make his loan permanent next season?

“If they know he doesn’t want to stay, he shouldn’t play because he’s robbing people like Emile Smith Rowe.

“So I hope Arsenal does their homework and knows what’s going on. If they don’t bid honestly, I’ll be disappointed!

“It took him a while to adjust, but you have to give him the ball. He was in many good positions and his teammates didn’t see him at first.

“They didn’t give him the ball. But now he’s getting it more often and making things happen. He can hurt the enemy team.

“It’s an almost free role, and it’s a big problem that such young people are trusted in such a difficult position at such a young age.

“But if it’s okay after the injury and helps Arsenal win the Europa League, Real Madrid will probably want to get him back, or add more money to his asking price. Probably. “

round up….

The truth is this, Arsenal have to pay a lot of money to close the deal for Odegor, and even if they want to stay with him, Arsenal pays £ 60m to the youth Can you see it? No, I can not.

There are some media reports claiming that Arsenal are interested in a deal with Paulo Dybala if they are unable to maintain Martin Ødegaard during the transfer.

After a few weeks of discussions, Arsenal couldn’t get the match time they wanted under Real Madrid’s Zinedine Zidane, so they were able to secure an Odegor transfer deal until the end of the season.

The 22-year-old Arteta was relaxed in a fold as a classy playmaker needed to adapt to the new environment, but his performance against the Greek giant Olympiacos, then Tottenham and West Ham was all about him. And can be offered to Arsenal who showed his value.

Arsenal boss Mikel Arteta Wants to retain young people more permanently, but the fact that Madrid plays hardballs in potential deals means that the Gunners need to look at possible alternatives.

What is the latest?

According to the Spanish publication Sport, the Gunners have targeted Juventus star Dybala, 27, to “prowl” the Argentine national team before the summer transfer window.

The report claims that Arteta is “willing” to land Dybala as Plan B if Odegor returns to Madrid when the loan contract expires. However, the Gunners could face fierce competition over the last few weeks for Dybala’s signature with fierce rivals Chelsea and Tottenham.

Dybala, who had a contract in Turin until 2022, was left behind due to a mild lesion of the medial collateral ligament of his left knee from early January.

Could the Gunners seduce him to the club?

They can take him to the club, but will they be willing to pay his huge asking price and wages, isn’t that a real issue?

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Hakimi Dybala Odegor and Lacazette appear in Arsenal’s summary Hakimi Dybala Odegor and Lacazette appear in Arsenal’s summary

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