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Arsenal’s target was opened to the Premier League move, Odegor’s message was sent, and Upamecano’s release clause was revealed in Arsenal’s summary …

Arsenal’s long-term goal, Achraf Hakimi, may move to the Premier League, according to media reports.

The media is planning a new signature possibility in this transfer window as Arsenal are aiming to improve the team to own it and give Mikel Arteta some money. There are several reports suggesting.

Hakimi has enjoyed fruitful spells at Inter Milan since joining Real Madrid, but Inter was hit hard by the Covid-19 pandemic and 102 million in the year to June 30. I made a loss of euro.

And because of concerns about their financial feasibility, athletics argue that Morocco’s fullbacks are open to the transition to the Premier League, and Chelsea could rekindle interest in defenders. I am reporting.

The 22-year-old has had six goals and five assists since his switch and has been contracted until 2025.

The Gunners were closely associated with Hakimi’s move before moving to Italy, and Arteta was nominated as a club signing candidate, probably because he seemed to add a little more depth to the team.

But even if Hakimi is interested in moving to the Premier League, it’s a shock to see him at Arsenal next season as he already has a lot of impressive fullbacks at the club.

Dayot Upamecano’s agent confirmed that Arsenal’s quest for RB Leipzig’s star has determined the sought-after centerback to determine his future.

Arsenal have been associated with the acclaimed 22-year-old, and media reports indicate that Mikel Arteta has improved its backline, adding a longer-term defender to the backline and eventually replacing David Lewis. I’m trying.

Upamecano has a current contract with Germany until 2023, but player representative Volker Struth has confirmed that there is a £ 38m release clause. This could be triggered this summer.

Regarding Sport1, he said: “At some point the player decided that he wanted to take the next step, so the release terms were agreed. It’s very likely that it’s summer.

“The final one hasn’t been decided yet. He is more likely to leave the club in the summer.

“The release clause is £ 38m, which is an insane amount in the coronavirus era.

“In the summer of 2019, that was another thing. The transfer fee ratio changed. I think some clubs have to say goodbye to market value when selling players.

“”[Apart from the Bundesliga] Only the English League is considered. Qualified Spanish clubs are currently financially unable to do so.

“It’s no secret that there are two stakeholders from the Premier League. The decision will be made and announced within a few weeks.”

You see, we’re big fans of Upamecano and we firmly believe he’ll be one of the best defenders in the game, so the money he’s aiming for and the investment he can make, Arteta makes him a top target. Is correct.

European football expert Andy Brussels helped Martin Ødegaard succeed in Arsenal following the arrival of the loan from Real Madrid.

Mikel Arteta knew he was lacking in creativity in the middle of the pitch and was looking for the right player to offer something different that Odegor could achieve.

The news that he wanted to leave Madrid came only a few days ago, and after a few days of discussions Arsenal signed a £ 2.5m deal to take a talented man to the club, at least to the end. I was able to agree.Season

And Brussels argued that bright young players could complement each other on the pitch, dispelling fears that the arrival of Norwegians could undermine Emile Smith Rowe’s chances of choice.

“I think Odegor will do very well in the short term, obviously because there is no option to keep him long,” Brussels said at the Trans-European Express Show on Sunday.

“Until last year’s pandemic, he was one of the best players in La Liga last season, and probably the best player outside of Real Madrid and Barcelona.

“Yes, I think he is compatible with Emile Smith Rowe.

“He doesn’t have to replace him!”

Odegor has a lot of abilities that haven’t come out yet, in the right club and under the right manager, he has the ability to become a world-class midfielder.

Arsenal are excited to see what he can bring to the club. Young people are very good as we also firmly believe that he could be one of the purchases of the transfer window.

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Hakimiupamekano and Odegor feature a summary of Arsenal Hakimiupamekano and Odegor feature a summary of Arsenal

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