Halloween Kill Review-Brutal Kills, Nostalgia, and Angry Mobs

Halloween is just around the corner! This is a very beloved time for many of us. Except for the people of Haddonfield, Illinois. They had to deal with Michael Myers, known as Boogeyman, for decades. This past Halloween, which began with the first movie of 2018, seemed to finally put an end to Michael Myers as Raleigh and her family roasted him alive in the basement. But we are all familiar. Haddonfield has no happy ending. Michael Myers wrote this year’s article ” Halloween kill..

The film is directed by David Gordon Green. He was also a co-author of the film, along with Danny McBride and Scott Teams.When Halloween kill Starting from the break in the 2018 predecessor, the same three are back, including Jamie Lee Curtis as Raleigh, Judy Greer as daughter Karen, and Andi Matichak as granddaughter Allison. Also, the movie has a character who has returned from the 1978 movie. This includes Kyle Richards as Lindsey and Nancy Stevens as Marion. Tommy Doyle’s character is back, but has been recast as Anthony Michael Hall.


Raleigh’s house is completely on fire, so the firefighters react in time to help one Michael Myers escape. Who repays them by brutally killing them one by one. Michael’s shot on the stairs of a burning house was really cool. By the end of the scene, Haddonfield finds himself in trouble again as Michael kills everything on his way.

At the first movie event, Raleigh was injured and locked up in a hospital for most of the movie. Therefore, the focus of Halloween Kills shifts to Tommy and some of the survivors of the first attack. They form a support group and meet every year to have a drink. When the news that Michael is back comes out, they form a mob with the goal of defeating him forever, “Evil dies tonight”.. As the mob grows, it also draws Allison’s attention. She wants to go out and find Michael herself. This is what the mother strongly opposes.

Anthony Michael Hall as Tommy Doyle in Halloween Kills directed by David Gordon Green.

The mob is convinced that Michael is on his way to the hospital to end Raleigh. As a result, large groups come down on the premises. Eagerly waiting to kill Michael to end the suffering of their town. The longer the night, the more restless the mob. Suddenly, they appear to be as dangerous as Michelle. They lose rationality and common sense. It’s clear from the ruthless pursuit of someone they think is Michael. Who will eventually find Michael?You need to see Halloween kill To find out.

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Where it goes

One of the things that worked very well in this movie is that this is Michael’s character and I find it the most angry I’ve seen. His movements and killings can be very subtle, and I think he wasn’t very happy with the fact that they tried to burn him alive. It was also nice to see the focus on some of the other characters in the original movie for a while. What trauma did these people endure because of the Boogeeman attack? Franchise fans can see more stories about these characters.

Halloween kill
Michael Myers (also known as The Shape) of Halloween Kills directed by David Gordon Green.

What is missing

On the other hand, it can also be considered negative for this movie.They have some flashback scenes, but you almost have to look at the original Halloween And understand the 2018 remake Halloween kill.. They are convinced that they rely on the fact that it is the franchise fans who see this primarily. Another problem is that the movie had quite a few characters and had its own story and arc that in a way cluttered the movie. It’s a much bigger story than just the evil creatures stalking the victims.Usually there are fewer, but I feel that way here Halloween kill.. Last but not least, the film tries to explain and tweak a Michael Myers motivation. This is a bit confusing enough to question his character.

(From left) Halloween Kill Marion (Nancy Stevens) and Michael Myers (aka The Shape), directed by David Gordon Green.


Overall, Halloween kill It’s really interesting. It results in a variety of brutal killings throughout the film. I admit it’s not that scary. As mentioned above, it was nice to see the town of Haddonfield expand a bit by explaining in more detail what happened to the other kids in the first movie. It was also fun to see Raleigh, Karen and Allison all playing their part in surviving the night. Franchise fans will have a good time. We look forward to seeing what they have prepared for us for the final chapter!

Overall grade: B

Universal Pictures ” Halloween kill It will begin to appear in the theater on Friday, October 15th. It will also be released on the same day at Peacock.

Halloween Kill Review-Brutal Kills, Nostalgia, and Angry Mobs

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