Halloween Reboot Star wants to team up with Jamie Lee Curtis

Who will play Laurie Strode Halloween?? Everyone knows that, right? Obviously Jamie Lee Curtis. However, except for the controversial but cult-loving reboot movie of Rob Zombie, whose iconic character is played by Scout Taylor-Compton. In 2007, Devil’s Reject The director revisited John Carpenter’s original in his unique and unflinching way, and provided a very different interpretation of Michael Myers’ nemesis, especially in the 2009 follow-up.

The zombie series took a break after two films, and Curtis finally returned to the role she started in 2018, which was the end of the franchise’s restart cast.However Danielle Harris informed it She wants to go back to the world Halloween somewhere. It turns out that Taylor Compton feels the same way.As she said ComicBook.com, She and Harris talked about how they were waiting for a call from Blumhouse.

“I wish I were among them? Yeah, of course. Even playing cameos would have been really cool. Danielle Harris and I, we always say this. We said,” Well, they. Everyone wants to participate in it. ” I was like, “Daniel, you were part of so many people, they want someone who was part of them.” I was like, “It’s crazy.” But it’s really cool to see them continue their journey and see Michael reappear on the screen. So there is certainly love there. “

It’s hard to imagine Taylor Compton replaying her version of Raleigh soon, but I’m not sure if the world is ready. For Halloween berth Still an event — she was always able to find new roles in the franchise. That’s what the zombies did for Harris in his movie. After playing Raleigh’s daughter Jamie in the original series, Harris was recast as Annie Bracket on reboot.

So if Blumhouse could pull the same trick as both actresses, fans would appreciate it. Halloween is over, Next year’s finale to this current trilogy.If not, the studio I want to do more later –As if end It was really about to end, so there may be room for zombie stars in any way Halloween The franchise will take next.Hey, maybe we’re ready For Halloween berth After all, a movie.

Halloween kill Currently in theaters and peacocks.

Halloween Reboot Star wants to team up with Jamie Lee Curtis

https://wegotthiscovered.com/movies/halloween-reboot-star-wants-to-team-up-with-jamie-lee-curtis/ Halloween Reboot Star wants to team up with Jamie Lee Curtis

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