Halloween-themed Nightmare Update is now available on Call of Duty Mobile

Call of Duty Mobile Season 9 is preparing for Halloween with a Nightmare event arriving on October 21st at 5pm PST / 8pm EST. Activision has released details of the holiday event on a new blog that introduces new weapons, spooky modes, new battle passes and more.

Trick or treat event

The Nightmare Trick or Treat event is vaguely described in detail as an event that awards candy when you complete an in-game task. If you win a candy, you will be awarded Event XP. This allows players to advance through the event tiers and earn rewards.

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Nightmare Battle Pass

As always, the new Battle Pass includes free premium items such as more operators, new weapons, and lots of cosmetics. Most importantly, Nightmare will add new operator skills and guns within the free tier of the Battle Pass. At Tier 14, players unlock new Tak-5 operator skills. This will allow you to heal your teammates. At Tier 21, the player unlocks the Swordfish Rifle. There are also some cosmetic items in the free tier.

New multiplayer map

Hobeck sawmill at night

A variation of the Halloween-themed standoff map is coming to Call of Duty Mobile’s Nightmare Update. This holiday skin brings a night setting and lots of Halloween decorations to the standoffs. Also, the Movec Sawmill map for Modern Warfare 2019 will make its Call of Duty Mobile debut, but the mobile version is set up at night for this holiday event.

New multiplayer mode

In the Drop Zone, first introduced in Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3, teams must fight for control of a designated drop zone that spins during the match. The only way to get a score streak in a drop zone is to keep the zone and encourage them to drop care package rewards on the map. The Nightmare Update also offers a thematic 10v10 Pumpkin Confirmation mode. This is the same as a standard kill confirmation, but collects pumpkins instead of dog tags.

Zombie Returns

Zombie mode is currently locked in Call of Duty Mobile, but the game’s undead siege mode will return with a Nightmare update. The undead siege battle also has a new Halloween theme, where players will play against more zombie types in casual mode.

Battle Royale

Creepy stuff also arrives in Call of Duty Mobile’s battle royale mode. The mode’s main map, Isolated, is now in night mode, and the horror of zombies is teased by the blackout map. New class abilities have also been teased for battle royale. Pumped classes will arrive at future events. This gives players access to jetpacks for navigating the map. This should make the shootout more interesting as the player boosts.

Clan Wars Update

There is no new Clan Wars season in Season 9, but updates will change the system. First, the currency will be reset to zero and the store items will start spinning. In addition, items will be more accessible this season and in future items, significantly increasing Clan Wars currency rewards. More updates and new Clan Wars rewards will arrive in Season 10.

Call of Duty Mobile is not the only game to be treated as Halloween. The Call of Duty Haunting event will begin on October 19th for Black Ops Cold War and War Zone.

All of this Call of Duty content continues while Activision Blizzard faces a proceeding from California on suspicion of harassment and discrimination against women.

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