Halo 2 and Halo 3 have official change tools.

Want to tweak some Halo games to create cool or cursed content? That’s good news!Yesterday, the industry of 343 developers Halo 2 When Halo 3 along with Master Chief CollectionSeason 8 update. Halo: Combat Evolved got its own official modding tool in June. Two and three new tools provide a similar program for modders to tinker with. I look forward to seeing what good things they make.

You must have a copy of the MCC to use the Halo 2 or 3 tools. Halo2 tools available Here, And Halo 3 tools Here..They updated Combat Evolved mod tools that too.

The Halo 2 and 3 tools are similar to those included in the CE kit. Guerrillas allow mods to edit values ​​and tags. That is, you can change AI, colors, textures, and more. “Sapien” is a level editor that allows you to play with weapon placement and AI squads. There is also a tool simply named “Tools” that is used to import content and create map files.Learn more about the features of this kit On Steam..

So far, mods have made a lot of goodies for Combat Evolved. Large map pack It has excellent map names such as “Frigid Keep” and “Colder Shoulder”.I love the look of mine This night version of CE’s Silent Cart Grapher Mission (Halo’s shining technology looks very beautiful in the dark).

The eight seasons of the Master Chief Collection have begun, and many new cosmetics have been added. The coolest is an armor set inspired by ancient warriors, where you can get fashion advice from a real Greek Sparta. In addition, Icebox maps have been released from Halo Online and are now available in Halo 3 custom games. You can also participate in various seasonal challenges throughout the MCC.Read everything about it Halo website..

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