Halo 4 (360, 2012) Video Game Music Review

Welcome to Morning Music, KotakuA daily hangout for those who love video games and the cool ass sounds they make.Today we return to a combat-filled level Halo 4 For some … it’s actually pretty easy to forget.

Controversial Opinion Alert: I like 2012 Halo 4 (((playlist / Long play / VGMdb), Originally released on Xbox 360 and developed by 343 Industries. it’s good.Not a genuine classic like the previously released Bungie Hello Games such as Halo 2 Or reach, But it’s a sure and fun sci-fi shooter, equipped with some fantastic weapons and sounds very good.But the music Halo 4 Sadly, it’s completely forgotten and bland.

Let’s ask:

Microsoft / Kaidon (YouTube)

Before writing this and listening to music for the first time in a few years, I decided to try to remember one of the songs from Halo 4.. This is the game I have beaten at least several times since 2012. You should be able to remember some songs from the soundtrack. Still I drew a complete blank.I couldn’t whistle anything Halo 4.. When I finally played the soundtrack, I was shocked that I really forgot almost all of these tracks. What I recognized even a little was “117It seems that it was used as a game theme and appeared in menus and advertisements.

Microsoft / Kaidon (YouTube)

When I went back and listened to these songs, the first thing that impressed me was how big many of them were. They are big and epic, but still full. It’s difficult to choose something interesting or unique. It’s just big drums and loud sounds built over and over again.It doesn’t sound like a song from Hello It’s like a bad superhero movie song.

This soundtrack was composed by Neil DavidgeIt was a big deal at that time.This was the first Hello A game that was not scored by Martin O’Donnell.He was with me Hello Bungee, a creator who was working on a small game that left Microsoft at that time Fate.. (I wonder what happened …) Therefore, Microsoft and 343 tapped Davidge Step into the large armored boots left by O’Donnell.

It was always difficult to get rid of it.New studio, new composer, new style Hello..There was no way all This would work, but it didn’t. Davidge’s soundtrack sounds great and I’m sure he worked hard on it, but it’s just noisy and cinematic, with few emotions or sparks.Praise Davidge and 343 for being brave enough to abandon the main theme of Hello, This is one of the most iconic songs in video games. But courage isn’t the only thing you need to make a good soundtrack.I need a great song to remember Halo 4′■ The OST has few important parts of the soundtrack.

There are some exceptions, some songs are reminiscent of the classic sounds of Hello In a better game, they feel they may have been memorable on their own. The best example is the truck “comfort.. “

Microsoft / Kaidon (YouTube)

It hits many of the same beats as the previous great Hello The song is still a bit confusing and sounds noisy to my taste.But if you had this sneak Halo 3 You’ll trick me into playing that version via a mod and probably swear it was classic Hello A song I don’t remember. Not the best compliment, but what it is.

That’s all for today’s morning music! The chief always needs a weapon, but I need some comments.You liked Halo 4Soundtrack?Or what is your favorite Hello Songs from all games? Or feel free to share any other ideas you have come up with. See you tomorrow!

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