Halo Infinite admits Microsoft to lose second game director in two years

Halo Infinite – It wasn’t a smooth ride (Photo: Microsoft)

The front line of Halo Infinite still looks dark, as long-time 343i developer Chris Lee has been confirmed to have left the project.

When ridiculed about what the game would look like, and just a few weeks later, few video games revealed in July that it was worse than Halo Infinite. Postponed at least until next year.

Since then, there have been rumors that the Xbox One version has been canceled, and Xbox boss Phil Spencer has given more hints that the game’s story campaign and multiplayer can be split into separate releases, but the game continues. There is nothing practical about the development.

However, according to a new Bloomberg report, game director Chris Lee quit the project just over a year after being brought in to replace his former creative director.

“I’m away from Infinite and looking at future opportunities,” Lee told Bloomberg. “I believe in the team and I’m sure they will offer a great game. Now is a good time for me to leave.”

Lee was still the director, but Bloomberg suggests that Microsoft was on the sidelines by taking over experienced Halo developer Joe Staten into a single-player campaign and making Pierre Hinze multiplayer. ..

Former creative director Tim Longo and executive producer Mary Olson both left the project last August, suggesting that the game has long been plagued by executive producers.

Since the delay was first announced, 343 Industries has been rumored to have seen major changes, including a shake-up of senior staff.

There was no substantive evidence of that, but when news of Lee’s departure was reported, Windows Central journalist Jez Corden suggested that “other major personnel changes would take place as well.”

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Halo Infinite loses second director in two years admits Microsoft

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