Halo Infinite brings back old tricks and allows you to punch at the speed of light

Now that the Halo Infinite multiplayer beta is out, players are tinkering with it and making all sorts of fun discoveries. This includes what appears to be a resurgence of the popular exploit. Players have discovered that Halo Infinite seems to support BXB / BXR tricks that allow them to perform melee attacks quickly and continuously.

Clips posted on Reddit show that this is actually happening.I can see it very much Radical, And the audio actually amplifies the intensity of the exploit. The author of the post, Craft Z49, believes this will be patched before the release, but it seems that 343 hasn’t addressed this yet. The fact that this is currently only discovered during the second Halo Infinite beta suggests that this was not possible in the first test in July.

These types of exploits were most prominently featured in previous Halo games, including Halo 2. It was never patched from the game and became a popular tactic among user groups.

Halo Infinite is specially designed as a live service game that grows, evolves and changes over time based on feedback. Whether Halo Infinite’s BXB / BXR turns out to be a game-critical issue may determine whether the game remains intact or patched.

A multiplayer beta of Halo Infinite is currently underway for Halo Insiders. This is a 4v4 Arena Slayer test, with a second beta next weekend focusing on the Big Team Battle, which has a Destiny-style loot cave.

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