Halo Infinite Dev reacts to battle royale rumors

Halo’s community director has shut down in response to new rumors about Halo Infinite. Recently, there have been rumors claiming that part of Microsoft’s long-term vision for Halo Infinite is the addition of Battle Royale mode in 2021.

Brian Jarrard, community director at 343 Industries, responded to the scuttle bat in a tweet. “Monday after the holidays doesn’t go as well as the rumor of fresh, unfounded Halo Infinite,” he said.

Jarrard doesn’t mention the name of battle royale, but it’s clear that his tweet responds to the latest speculation about the game under development. In a follow-up tweet, Jarrard said he understands that fans are eager for more information about Halo Infinite. To that end, 343 plans to release a “year-end update” with some new details.

What we do Do What we know about Halo Infinite’s multiplayer element is that it’s free to play, partially supported by microtransactions. The 343 hasn’t yet shown multiplayer gameplay, but the studio has revealed some of the armor-coated AKA skins featured in the multiplayer element.

In 2019, Microsoft responded to a report on Halo Infinite, which introduced Battle Royale mode. Franchise director Frank O’Connor said the Halo Infinite multiplayer mode at launch is not yet defined and is subject to change until later in the process.

Halo Infinite may not have the experience of traditional battle royale, but O’Connor said, “Are you interested in a big social mode with lots of organic shenanigans? Yes, specifically from (figurative) ) Would you like to defeat the survivor-filled airship Takeshi heading to the island after the lecture? No. We are not doing this at this time. We have no plans. “

O’Connor continues you Really If you need a Halo battle royale game, you can create it yourself using the Forge mapping tool in Halo 5 or Halo: MCC.

Halo Infinite was originally planned to be released as a release title for the Xbox Series X | S, but due to the complexity associated with COVID-19, Microsoft pushed the game in 2021.

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