Halo Infinite Dev responds to criticism of “Turtling Up”

This year was a busy year for Halo Infinite, as Microsoft announced in August that the multiplayer element would be free after Microsoft unveiled its first appearance in campaign mode in July. Another announcement was made when developer 343 Industries gave an overview of the new “coating” customization features of the sci-fi shooter. However, some of the Halo player base was hoping to see more and learn more about the game at this point.

Halo community manager John Junyszek told Twitter fans that Microsoft is “soaring” about Halo Infinite. Junyszek said the news Microsoft has shared about Halo Infinite so far may not be everyone’s tea, but it doesn’t accept the idea that Microsoft is hiding Halo Infinite.

“I disagree with the noisy comments,” Junyszek said. “I explained what a coating is, showed off two new renderings, and continued on Twitter. Yes, this may be another news you wanted, but it’s certainly confusing. It does not mean.”

This is not the first time Junyszek has worked specifically on “turtles”. In August he had 343 Share Halo Infinite details, if possible“The plan is definitely not a turtle,” he added.

The latest announcement of the new “coating” system for weapons, armor and player skins has been criticized by some fans, including its impact on microtransactions. The first of the new coatings was announced as a monopoly for GameStop shoppers and those who enjoy sweet snacks, and 343 admitted that this wasn’t ideal.

Given that it’s been five years since Halo 5 was released in 2015, Halo fans naturally want to know more about Halo Infinite, especially after a delay. Halo Infinite was lined up to be the Xbox Series X marquee launch title before Microsoft postponed it due to the complexity associated with COVID-19.

The game’s release date is currently 2021, but Xbox Game Pass subscribers will be available on Xbox and PC at no additional charge. Plus, the multiplayer element is free, so anyone can try it out. Halo Infinite has been released on Xbox Series X and S, but will also be released on Xbox One.

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