Halo Infinite Dev says “more communication” in the coming months

Halo Infinite was originally planned to be the release title for the Xbox Series X / S, so it should have been available already. However, Microsoft has postponed the game until 2021, especially due to issues related to COVID-19. Fans naturally want to know more about the game, but developer 343 Industries isn’t ready to share it yet.

In a new blog post, the studio said it understands what people want to know more, but the company won’t discuss the game anymore until it shows something.

“We just answer your question. We’ll dig deeper into the rich stories and characters of the Halo Infinite campaign, waiting to dig deeper into exactly how customization and progress work and visually appear in the multiplayer experience. It’s hard to beat, and it provides an incredibly deep and detailed look of content throughout the game, “said the studio.

But to do it right in the game and in the studio, the 343 doesn’t want to leak more information until it can be displayed instead of telling. When will that happen? Probably soon.

“The best thing we can say right now is when we’re ready.” It’s not the same as “when done”, but it’s still not “yet”. We will let you know in advance when we get closer. Eventually, you’ll be able to answer the question, “said 343.

He also admitted in a blog post that the studio remained quieter than expected at Halo Infinite, due to the “countless situations” that resulted from the delay between 2020 and 2021. was. We will work with the team to provide the latest information at the end of the year and plan to communicate more in the coming months. “

The statement will be released shortly after the studio says there will be a “high level” update to share on Halo Infinite in the relatively near future. However, Halo Infinite will not be revealed at The Game Awards in December.

Halo Infinite has been postponed to 2021, but the game’s various merchandising and promotional campaigns are proceeding as usual. This rubbed some people the wrong way. 343 explained that the team was working on the idea that Halo Infinite would be launched in 2020, and when that changed, there was too much momentum to stop the train.

“Our marketing and promotion team has been working for over a year to make Halo Infinite available everywhere possible on this holiday, most of the time to support the launch of games and the Xbox Series X. Therefore, when the game transitioned from 2020, there will be 1 million moving parts. Throughout Halo Gear, brand partnerships, marketing, Xbox, legal, retail, and the community will take inventory, readjust, and readjust. We had to make some adjustments, “says 343. “But that doesn’t mean putting a brake on these programs, especially if we can still support them today, such as with bank rewards for launch.”

In addition to the delay, Halo Infinite’s development team experienced a high level of staff turnover this year. Recently, director Chris Lee has quit the project. In an interview with GameSpot, Spencer said he downplayed staff turnover and believed in 343 games visions. “I believe in Halo and 343, and where we go. I’ve played quite a bit of Infinite, but I’m looking forward to others playing,” he said.

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