Halo Infinite Edition Xbox Series X is already scalped for ridiculous markup

If you’re one of the millions of people trying to get one of the new consoles over the past year, you may also have experienced frustration with scalpers and bots that rob limited supply. .. Not surprisingly, the recently announced Halo Infinite Xbox Series X console had even more limited pre-order supplies than regular consoles, but had already been stripped of its scalp months before its launch.

Discovered by NPD Group’s Mat Piscatella on Twitter, Scalper has begun pre-ordering consoles on marketplaces such as eBay. These lists can also be huge markup. The official listing price for the console was $ 550, but Scalper sells for over $ 900.

A search on eBay reveals that some of these lists are also for sale. More products are on sale now. Some lists are even trying to get huge prices just for the controller that comes with the console. As you can imagine, Scalper is trying to reverse a pre-order for the Halo Series 2 Elite Controller. The original US $ 200 list was also sold out soon.Scalp pre-orders are not sold that’s why It’s a huge markup and sells for around $ 280, but it’s still part of the big problem.

EBay regulates pre-sale flipping and recently took action in a similar situation when Scalper was selling Steam Deck pre-orders. That particular policy requires sellers to ship pre-ordered content within 30 days of purchase, and this console hasn’t been used for months yet, so these lists could be removed. I have. Console makers and some retailers have taken a variety of actions to combat scalping, from randomized queues to allocating the number of items that one person can buy. But when it comes to limited versions of products that are already missing, like the Xbox, the conditions are a perfect storm for opportunistic sales.

It’s a shame because this special edition of the Xbox has a pretty cool design. This is one of the main ways Microsoft celebrates the 20th anniversary of the Halo franchise. For those who are still interested in choosing one in a less malicious way, there may be some additional opportunities via Amazon and Best Buy, but when their list will be published. I don’t know yet. The console will be available on November 15th, a few weeks before Halo Infinite’s December 8th release.

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