Halo Infinite is becoming pay-to-progress with new subscriber bonuses

Halo Infinite still has progress issues (Photo: Microsoft)

you Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers can earn unique Halo Infinite bonuses starting with a 2XP boost.

Halo Infinite, the largest first-party Xbox game in years, will be released next week, and Microsoft has announced that Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers will get additional bonuses when playing multiplayer.

The multiplayer beta is already available for free download, but starting December 8th, the game’s release date, Xbox Game Pass Ultimate members will receive additional monthly fees, including combat boosts, cosmetics, and additional challenges. I can.

The first pack includes a “Pastens” MA40 AR weapon skin, four challenge swaps, and a boost that gives players twice as much experience as normal.

This is a big advantage, especially given the slow progress of the game and the fact that the game has already been criticized for encouraging more spending on microtransactions.

Developer 343 Industries has acknowledged the complaint and introduced a new system that will make progress faster, but acknowledges that further changes are needed.

Multiplayer modes are generally widely admired, but Halo Infinite’s monetization system is skeptical, with a lot of time-limited cosmetics that require you to buy a Battle Pass and some very expensive DLC. It has become.

Of course, it’s a good idea to sign up for Game Pass Ultimate for these new perks. The new Xbox Wire blog makes it clear that bonuses are available from the Xbox app or console benefits gallery.

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Halo Infinite is becoming pay-to-progress with new subscriber bonus

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