Halo Infinite Plan Year-end Status Report

Earlier this year, 343 Industries announced that it would postpone Halo Infinite, originally planned for the Xbox Series X launch game, until 2021. Since then, Infinite has been pretty quiet, probably games and teams. Currently, they are planning a year-end update and hope to communicate more in the coming months.

To be fair, the 343 has fairly sealed his lips with Halo Infinite for a very long time before announcing The Banished when the adversary and its big gameplay were revealed on the Xbox non-E3 showcase in the summer. I did. That said, until a few months ago, everyone expected the next Halo game to appear on the screen right now.

Hiding at the bottom of the latest community update, 343 says he knows fans are waiting to hear more about Mr. Master Chief’s further space adventures. “We’ve been quieter than we expected because of the myriad of situations triggered by the date changes,” they say. “We are working with the team to provide year-end updates and plan to communicate more in the coming months.”

If your brain jumps quickly to a particular end-of-year event known to include game announcements and trailers, as some people do, hug the space horse. .. Community director Brian Jarrard joined Reddit earlier this week to dispel expectations that Infinite might plan a big surprise at The Game Awards.

“Full disclosure has no plans for VGA,” he said, also mentioning efforts to update near the end of the year. “Collecting things like VGA demos and big beats is a huge amount of work and will pose challenges at the current milestones of the holidays. I think it’s hard to wait, but the team has this extra We want to make the most of our time and do our best to help improve transparency and dialogue in the future. “

We already know that 343 chose to delay Infinite instead of splitting it into single-player and multiplayer launches. They also denied some rumors that emerged after the first delay in claiming to push the game in 2022. They haven’t announced a date or month yet, but as far as we know, it’s still expected in 2021.

I don’t expect to see an updated launch window in the year-end status report, but at least it seems to be doing something to set expectations for 2021.

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343 Industries are planning an end of year status update on Halo Infinite

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