Halo Infinite to be released in fall 2021 •

The new release date for Halo Infinite is Fall 2021, announced by Microsoft.

The 343 long-awaited first-person shooter for the Xbox Series X, S, Xbox One, and PC was originally planned to be released as the release title for the Xbox Series X and S in November 2020, but many studios are “in development.” It was postponed to 2021 after facing the challenges of. “, Includes those related to coronavirus.

“For the well-being of our team and the overall success of the game, shipping it on this holiday is not sustainable,” 343 said at the time.

In a Halo Waypoint blog post, creative director Joseph Staten states that he has played the entire Infinite campaign twice. “In a nutshell, I was amazed at what the team did in the best possible way. Infinite is by far the most expansive and vertical world of Halo ever. Why did the team do this? Because they mysteriously understand that freedom is the key to the Halo experience.

“In the heart of the Infinite world, I could feel the classic Halo” 30 seconds of fun “sounding. However, it has never been so powerful, agile, and with a wealth of tactical options. This was the Halo we imagined. It was finally realized in 2000 after 20 years of technological and creative innovation. “

Then, “Halo Infinite is a world I love to spend time with and I’m excited to be back as a designer and a player. On behalf of the whole team, your patience and passion. will be grateful to. “”

Developer 343 said he worked to improve the visuals of Halo Infinite after a disastrous campaign demo was revealed in July, with a new screenshot of the interior space of one of the game’s multiplayer maps: Published in.


343 also touched on Halo Infinite’s visuals and the beast “Craig,” which was the focus of instant meme criticism for his rather dull face.

According to 343, facial animation in NPCs wasn’t fully implemented in the build shown in July, and as a result, Craig looked incredibly deadpan.

“All characters are modeled in neutral poses before blend shapes and animations are applied,” explained Neil Harrison, director of art management.

“So the poor old Craig was never intended to be seen in that state, which is not obvious during gameplay. It came to light in a close-up of one bad moment in him. It was after the freeze frame. The legend of Craig was born. “

Harrison added that the savage face has added more versatility, and the developers are working to add some hairstyles and beards. “So while we’ve come to love our beloved old Craig, he’s certainly undergone a significant makeover,” Harrison said.

On the other hand, 343 confirmed Halo Infinite has no loot box, and rewards are not random, even within the free-to-play multiplayer portion of the game. However, there are some customized items that you can buy for real money.

“Yes, being able to play for free means that you have some premium cosmetics, but players have a ton of customized content through campaigns, challenges, skills, special events, legacy rewards (such as Halo 5 SR) and more. It’s available at 152 Rewards), Progression Systems, etc., “said lead progression designer Christopher Broome.

“We always provide pure engagement and value for simply playing the game. Providing value is not just about monetary transactions, it is rewarded properly for the time invested in the game. I believe it’s also a confirmation. Players Play for free will unlock various customization types of items and allow you to express yourself in the game. “

343 looks back on the recent controversy over Halo Infinite’s new customizations. Halo Infinite has coatings, 7-layer shaders, and developers can put artist-created colors, materials, and patterns into 7 channels and apply them to in-game items such as weapons, armor, and vehicles.

This new system removes the primary / secondary armor customization system that was popular in previous Halo games. This has been a huge hit within the Halo community.

Blohm goes on to say: “We reviewed the system and understood our concerns. A recent value balancing path, a direct result of community feedback on coatings, scrutinized the number and number of coatings in the starting set, and others. What quality is unleashed by engagement compared to the system of?

“Coating is part of the big picture of customization, but we believe we can reach our player expression goals by offering more possibilities throughout the system. This means losing control of the player. But it adds to the depth of customization. It can be achieved in-house and eventually publicly announced. “

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