Halo Infinite’s armor customization aims to blend folklore with personality.

Halo Infinite’s armor customization is intended to include folklore while helping players to suit their personality. In the Halo Infinite Technical Preview Live Stream, 343 Industries has considered some of the customization options available for this weekend’s Halo Infinite technical test and the release version of the game.

One of the main parts of armor customization is the armor core, which serves as the base for Spartans. Some armor cores, like the Mark VII armor shown in the video, are based on Halo Infinite lore. Other armor sets, such as the previously revealed Yoroi Armor, designed to look like Samurai Armor, are considered destroyed cores and exist outside of Halo Infinite lore.

To show how this works, 343 Industries exhibited concept art using 15 different armor styles of armor. The base of the armor remains the same, but various aspects of the armor can be modified to suit the player’s taste. Some of the armor shown had a sword on the waist, while others had a throwing knife. There are various chest plate options and options to add bullet bandoliers. The developer said the idea behind this is to make each armor core feel like a unique character people are playing, while providing detailed customization.

Another customization option shown was the ability to equip any or all of the four limbs with artificial limbs. The developers said the prosthesis not only adds another layer of customization for the player, but also allows the player to express himself.

The full live stream features both Halo Infinite multiplayer gameplay and some features that will be included in future technical tests, such as the initial look of Halo Infinite running on Xbox One and the look of an academy teaching new players. I introduced it. Halo Infinite rope.

The first multiplayer beta of Halo Infinite will be available today for everyone invited and the full game will be released on Holiday 2021.

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