Halo Infinite’s Campaign Co-op Playtest Begins July 11th

last month 343 Industries Confirmed that the play test will be performed Halo Infinite Campaign co-operatives, and now the date is set to stone.

If you’re lucky enough to take part in the playtest, you can stop by with your friends from the week of July 11th, as announced in the Halo Waypoint blog post.

In a blog post, lead software engineer Isaac Bender and lead world designer John Mulkey talked about the features of co-op mode. One of the big things is that all players keep progress in solo and co-op play.

The way this is done is that when a player joins a fire team and selects a save slot, the game reads each player’s save data to determine who has completed what. As long as all players have completed the mission, it will be marked as completed, but even if only one player has not completed the mission, it will be marked as incomplete.

Cross-play is also fully supported. This means that Xbox One, Series X | S, and PC players can all play together without any problems. Up to four players can play together on any type of combination of PC and Xbox, including playing over the cloud.

In classic Halo fashion, all characters simply act as the chief of campaign cooperation, rather than explaining for some folklore reasons.

The campaign co-operative also has a “strategy area”. This basically means that there is a maximum distance that players can move away from each other. That is, you can’t go out and do what you love.

Note that this is a separate build, so players with previously saved data will not be recognized. Also, don’t stick to doing everything you can, as beta progress doesn’t move to the final release.

If you need the opportunity to try the beta version, you can join the Halo Insider Program, but there is no guarantee that you will be selected and you can only join until July 5th.

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