Halo Infinite’s new radar is terrible for Arena Slayer multiplayer

Spartans with Energy Swords ambush Spartans with rifles on the Hello Infinite Bazaar Map-Hello Infinite Radar

screenshot: 343 Industries / Microsoft

Over the weekend, 343 Industries conducted the following technical tests: Halo InfiniteGives more people the opportunity to actually experience one of the expected shooters this year. By most means, infinite‘NS Multiplayer component Shows a promise, somehow both are catching it Hello Feeling like a whole new game, the essence. The only thing is wrong: all radar is now ruined.

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For many years HelloRadar follows certain rules that are easy to understand. As you walk or run, it will appear on the enemy radar. If you crouch, you don’t. Over the years there have been some permutations — Loud pillow Fine-tune to that effective range with Halo 5— But it’s the basic framework of how it works.

of Halo Infinite, These two commandments are outside the window. This will only show up on enemy radar if you are sprinting, shooting, or otherwise moving at high speed. (I interpreted this as meaning dropping or compressing somewhere with a new Grappleshot item). In other words, you can walk at full normal Spartan walking speed, Not yet registered on enemy radar..

Against the AI ​​enemy, I didn’t really know the full picture of the change.But infinite‘NS The bot is familiar More than expected, they didn’t seem to use human tools like radar or have real eyes. But for a few hours on Sunday night, 343 Industries Added Arena Layer — A game mode in which two teams of four human players fight against each other — Halo InfiniteBeta version of. And while playing against a real human player, the changes were immediately apparent.

With the new radar, it’s very easy to be overwhelmed by the entire enemy team. You’ll see the enemy covering their heads along the way, and you’ll want to turn your head up, confident that you can win a one-on-one shootout. However, if the other three teammates are simply moving around at base speed (which is also not a tactical disadvantage), they will be walking around directly, 2, 3, or 4 to 1.You may be pretty good at Hello.. You are still probably losing the fight.

It also places more active camouflage items in the “OP” area. With active camouflage turned on, it is virtually invisible as long as you walk at a reasonable standard walking speed.before Hello Games, active camouflage, are tools that skilled players can effectively deploy in difficult situations.of Halo InfiniteThanks to the updated radar, it becomes a genuine power weapon and is guaranteed to give at least one or two kills.

infiniteCrouching has also become a fundamentally useless behavior.I don’t like it Hello There are many waist-high covers on the map.What is crouching true conduct? Do you move slowly? Do you want to force the angle up for a headshot? Neither is ideal, and no other use for crouching comes to mind.

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above Halo Waypoint Forum, Receiving to new radars and even remote radars are mixed. Some people seem to welcome the change, saying, “Competition will be fierce or we will go home.” Others like me hate changes, saying the old radar is “much better.” infiniteAs “bust” and “joke”. (We’re right, but I deviate.) Few people have the best cosplay of Nancy Pelosi.

I’m all in favor of a venerable series that pushes the boundaries by tweaking long-standing formulas to force players to develop new strategies.After messing around with the plane over the weekend, I don’t have much to change infiniteThe core framework so far. Some of the new changes and additions — frFrom enhanced assault rifles to limited-use gadgets, it’s more than welcome and shows the game’s willingness to challenge the tournament in a proactive way.But radar is one example. Halo Infinite There is no need to reinvent the wheel and it should not be.

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