Halo: Master Chief Collection Development Team Outlines 2021 Update

After a long and slow deployment, Halo: The Master Chief Collection will be fully available on PC, but major updates have not yet been completed. In addition to Halo 1-4, 3ODST and Halo Reach received more features in 2021, promised by developer 343 Industries, and many major features are currently under active development.

As part of the MCC December 2020 update, 343 Industries’ Fern outlines some of the improvements that will be brought to the six titles of next year’s Master Chief collection, including various quality of life changes and new options. I am.

This is all that the team is currently actively working on, and most of these updates are planned for early 2021.

Update of Master Chief Collection in Active Development

  • Show model adjustments for all games: Good for early 2021
  • Steam account link: Good progress towards early 2021
  • In-game FPS Cap / Adjustment: Options to be added in 2021
  • PC file sharing: Good for early 2021
  • Additional video settings / options: Other options coming in 2021
  • Custom Game Browser: Good for early 2021
  • Double key bindings for all games: Good progress towards early 2021
  • Per-game audio options: This should be included on flights in early 2021
  • Introducing PC features to the console (such as the FOV slider): Next year, there is no tight schedule for when these features will move to the console.

Some of the armor players you can earn in Season 5 of the game have also been unveiled and can be found below.

Hello: Master Chief Collection Season 5 Armor

Plans to implement “improved idle systems” and split-screen modes on PCs are still loose, but these are currently in the backlog and are not under active development.

In addition to the release of Halo 4 on PC, the games in the Master Chief Collection have also been upgraded on the Xbox Series X / S.

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