Halo: Master Chief Collection Update Makes Fun of Future Seasons

Halo: Since Reach joined the Master Chief Collection late last year, the game has moved into a mode that offers new content over different periods of time called the season. Since then, the game has experienced five different seasons during 2020, and with the transition to 2021, 343 Industries seems to continue in this format.

As detailed in a new blog on the Halo website, 343 outlined some of the initial plans for the New Year’s Master Chief collection. The most notable of these plans is to keep watching the game as the new season arrives over the next 12 months. According to 343, a roadmap to Season 10 is currently planned, with each of these seasons lasting a total of two months. It has not yet been decided internally whether this season format will follow Season 10.

Well, when it comes to what to focus on each season, it’s not yet clear. Season 5, the next season in the Master Chief Collection, is said to include some of Halo: Reach’s new armor. The Halo 3 part of the MCC also adds some new customization options. For seasons 6-10, it’s unclear what lies ahead at this time.

Despite being over 6 years old, Halo: The Master Chief Collection has definitely received a second breeze in the last few months. Not only was the entire game completed on the PC platform, but the collection was recently optimized for Microsoft’s new Xbox Series X and S consoles. Halo Infinite is certainly one of the most notable projects currently working at 343 Industries, but the company continues to show its significant contribution to MCC.

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