Halo Master Chief is now available on Fortnite. Next is The Walking Dead.

Fortnite is crossing the stream again (Photo: Epic Games)

Both Halo and God Of War have a protagonist as a Fortnite skin, but will Nintendo follow Metroid’s Samus Aran?

Master Chief’s idea only takes a few days Fortnite moves from unlikely rumors to confirmed facts. And now he is available for download by anyone from today.

Chief skins are available in all formats, including PlayStation and Switch. This is the same as God Of War’s Kratos is also available on Xbox and Switch.

The question now is whether Epic Games persuaded Nintendo to complete the set and offer its own character. That’s not what they usually do, but who knows (-ish) that Samus Aran in particular is the most obvious choice and Metroid Prime 4 is coming soon.

Contrary to the Kratos situation, playing games on Xbox Series X gives you an armor set specifically for the Master Chief, but otherwise all Halo content is available in all formats.

This includes UNSC pelican gliders (like dropships rather than birds), gravity hammer pickaxes, and emotes driving miniature Cape Ivoinoco.

That’s not all, as you can even recreate the fan’s favorite map, Blood Gulch, in creative mode. You can play Capture the Flag.

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Red vs. the long-running web series. Blue was also included in the trailer, but it’s unclear if it’s related to in-game content.

The Master Chief is paid for DLC and costs 1,500 V-Buck (about £ 9) or 2,600 V-Bucks (about £ 15) including all equipment.

The cross-franchise promotion announced at The Game Awards will feature not only Halo, but also The Walking Dead’s Daryl and Michonne on December 16th.

All of these licensed characters are portrayed as “hunters” that Agent Jones is recruiting from across the Multiverse. The first character is the Mandalorian.

It’s unclear how many more, but the game already mentions the movie “Predator,” so even if Samus Aran is a no-show, it seems like a good bet.

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Master Chief from Halo is available in Fortnite now, The Walking Dead next week

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