Halo Master Chief Joins Fortnite Today • .net

And Capture the Flag mode featuring Blood Gulch.

Fortnite has been hosting Halo’s Master Chief since the recent addition of God of War’s Kratos.

Like the PlayStation characters, the Master Chief is available on all platforms, but when you play a match on Xbox Series X, a special style (black matte armor color) is unlocked.

Alongside the chief himself, there are UNSC Pelican Glider, Gravity Hammer Pickaxe, and Emote that can be driven with a Mini Warsog. You can buy the Master Chief for 1500 V-Bucks or in bulk as a bundle of 2600 V-Bucks.

Blood Gulch on the Halo map can also be played in Fortnite’s creative mode, where you can try Capture the Flag mode.

Fortnite’s new season focuses on bounty hunters and storylines that draw characters from across the Multiverse into the ongoing story of the game. Kratos is the first of these, and the Master Chief does not seem to be the last.

Tonight, we’ve confirmed that The Walking Dead characters Darryl and Michonne will be coming to Fortnite on December 16th. But beyond all of this, is it certain that Nintendo will come next, following the Xbox and PlayStation characters?


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