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2 consecutive races Lewis Hamilton I won from the pole position. That is, both tally will rise to 103 each in the lock step.

However, he also claimed the fastest lap, despite the front wing recording two hits, and therefore won his first “hat-trick” in the 2021 season.At the end of him Outdro Mod Algarve In 2020.

Therefore, Hamilton approached two Michael Schumacher’s There are few major records left that he has not yet defeated. Schumacher’s 77 fastest lap tally still clears Hamilton’s 59. However, this is Hamilton’s 19th “hat-trick”, just three away from Schumacher’s mark. Only one other driver reached double digits: Jim Clark, 11 years old.

This is Hamilton’s third consecutive victory and is in a critical period. Three races before he chased a championship rival Max Verstappen We approached the “turning point” by 19 points, and beyond that, we could no longer guarantee the title simply by defeating the Red Bull driver and winning.

Fittipaldi won the 1974 title battle

Hamilton’s victorious trio sensationally leveled the scores among the championship protagonists. This thrilling scenario is extremely rare. In the 71-year history of the World Championships, the top two championships have reached the final race with points only once.

It was in 1976 and eventually became the champion. Emerson Fittipaldi (McLaren) and Clay Regazzoni (Ferrari) finished first and second in the penultimate race at Mosport. In other words, you reached the Watkins Glen Finale level with 52 points. They were joined by a third candidate, Jody Scheckter (Tyrrell), who drifted 7 points on the day the victory paid 9.

Fittipaldi has never been led by any of its rivals and won the title in 4th place. Tragically, at the finale of the 1974 season, Thirties driver Helmuth Koinigg died on lap 9 of the race.

The season has never ended at the level of the top two drivers (or teams) in points. Verstappen wins the title in any scenario it might happen this weekend.. The determination of the closest points in a championship battle occurred in 1984. Niki Lauda McLaren’s teammate Alain Prost was given the title by 0.5 points.

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In the race on Sunday, Hamilton won the Verstappen second place and three times in a row, winning the top two for the twelfth time in 21 races this year. Five of them have occurred in the last five races.

Esteban Ocon, Alpine, Jeddah Cornish Circuit, 2021
Ocon missed the podium in 0.102 seconds

Hamilton established an average speed of 253.984kph around the new with a lap of 1’27.511 in pole position. Jeddah Cornish CircuitIt will be the second fastest track on the F1 calendar after Monza. This was more than 10km / h faster than the laps I saw at the dry, practice-only spa and 8.1km / h away from this year’s Monzapole position time.

It could have been even faster: Verstappen lapped three tenths of a second faster on the track when he crashed in the last corner. As it is, Hamilton evened the score between them to 9-all in pole position.

Verstappen led most of the race, as is characteristic of this season. Indeed, even if Hamilton leads all the laps this weekend to win the title, Verstappen will be more than double his lap this year as well.

Valtteri Bottas Esteban Ocon denied having won the podium for the third time in a tenth of a second. Alpine drivers finished in 4th place for the first time, not in 3rd place for the first time in their F1 career.

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With one race remaining, in-team qualifying battles (based on regular sessions rather than sprint races) will be resolved everywhere except Alpine. If Ocon is disqualified Fernando Alonso, The pair ends the 11-all tied season, as he did last weekend. Considering that Alonso finished an undefeated campaign against his former teammate Stoffel Vandoorne the last time he visited Yas Marina for the Grand Prix, it’s a great show by Ocon.

Pierre Guthrie, Alpha Tauri, Jeddah Cornish Circuit, 2021
Guthrie dominated Kakuda in qualifying

Pierre Guthrie Mick Schumacher was able to finish the perfect season with their respective teammates Yuki Tsunoda and Nikita Mazepin. However, Schumacher points out that due to the actual crash, he was unable to participate in the two qualifying sessions.

Mazepin became the last driver of the year and completed 1,000 laps. However, he chalked another retirement when he was involved in a collision of multiple cars that caused the second safety car period.

Towards his last race Kimi Raikkonen Unless Lance Stroll finally started and achieved the feat of overtaking everyone on the first lap, this is the course to end his last Formula 1 season as the best starter of the year.

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Hamilton concludes another Schumacher record with his first “hat-trick” in 2021 – Race Fans Hamilton concludes another Schumacher record with his first “hat-trick” in 2021 – Race Fans

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