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For both title candidates, the qualifying simulation during the session was interrupted, and Hamilton’s session topping time remained at its best from the initial run on medium tires.

In the light of the night over Jeddah, Carlos Sainz Jr. Guided the pack to set the first time of the second 1 hour session of the day Ferrari Driver-Run hard tires-Posted 1m32.506s and was immediately hit by medium shoes Esteban Ocon1 minute 31 seconds 223 seconds.

Lando Norris Then it went soft for 1 minute 30.771 seconds and the puck was split between the compounds in the opening phase. McLaren The driver posted his time at the end of the first 5 minutes.

As Red Bull Mercedes Then the car joined the fight and Verstappen made the fastest opening flying lap on his first medium run. The Dutch jumped to the top in 1’30.104.

Verstappen continued to improve as he continued to run, recording 1’29.706 minutes later.

Yuki Tsunoda1 minute 29 seconds 597 Alpha Tauri After 15 minutes, the driver became the number one cameo and was immediately sent off to the next Verstappen. Verstappen returned to the top at 1: 29.290, setting the third personal best in the opening run.

The Black Arrows car set the time on the first lap of the initial work on the medium tires and left it near the back of the field, after which Bottas led to the top in 1 minute 29.079 seconds just before the end of the opening 20 minutes. rice field.

However, Hamilton, who had to lock the left front tire and slide deeply on Turn 1 and cut to the right immediately after Turn 2, soared at 1: 29.018 after a while.

After a bit of calm, the top runners switched to soft for qualifying simulation efforts, but their early laps suffered from a variety of problems.

Esteban Ocon, Alpine A521, Max Verstappen, Red Bull Racing RB16B

Photo: Jerry Andre / Motorsport image

Verstappen had to catch a large oversteer snap passing in front of the left side of Turn 2. This is probably because the tires were too cold due to the late preparation lap as the two Ferraris demonstrated at the same location a little later.

The Red Bull driver did not cut Turn 2 like Sainz and Leclerc, but was very wide and slowly passed through long right-handed players. That is, I immediately stopped the first lap with the fragile red wall rubber.

Hamilton also lost his opening soft lap that must be taken to avoid the action of passing through the throw Alfa Romeo I passed a steep 90 degree left exit on Turn 10 and canceled the second lap. This wasn’t faster than my best anyway. Long left-handed.

Bottas was another driver who struggled on Turn 1 during the soft qualifying simulation time, but while Verstappen continued to try to complete the one-lap pace, he and Hamilton immediately provided data on the race. Completed a long-term effort to collect.

Championship leaders were convinced they wanted to stay in the same set of software after being told that this would undermine the number of high fuel laps that could be completed with traditional long-term data collection, which normally ends FP2. ..

He eventually improved the fastest time from medium, which was 0.195 seconds slower than Hamilton’s medium tire vest. Pierre GuthrieThe qualifying simulation lap was soft and the AlphaTauri driver came in third after Botta.

In the long run Nikita Mazepin He spun when he accelerated leaving Turn 2. That is, the next Hamilton had to get off the track to avoid the temporarily stationary Haas.

Another notable incident in the final stages was the major incident that occurred with five minutes remaining when Leclerc crashed violently on the high-speed left of Turn 22 when the first DRS zone of the truck ended.

Charles Leclerc, Ferrari SF21

Charles Leclerc, Ferrari SF21

Photo: Charles Coates / Motorsport image

Upon entering the corner, the Ferrari driver lost the rear of the car, slipped heavily across a short runoff, hit the outer barrier and destroyed the SF21’s right side and rear wing.

Leclerc was able to climb quickly and the session was flagged red and was not resumed.

In the final classification, Takayama The pair followed Verstappen – Fernando Alonso I’m heading to Ocon.

Then Sainz and Kakuda came Sergio Perez And Leclerc’s best effort for the soft, closing the top 10 after the first off on Turn 1.

Results of F1 Saudi Arabian GP-FP2

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Hamilton leads Mercedes 1-2 as Leclerc crashes hard in FP2 Hamilton leads Mercedes 1-2 as Leclerc crashes hard in FP2

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